Naked Massage

Ok, so there's this guy. He doesn't work where I do but he's in a consultancy that does a lot of work for us. We've known each other for years, but never really properly. There's been a few times when we could've hooked up, he's come to our department head's birthday party and stuff when things can get wild, but we just never did. We've kinda flirted, but he's never put the hard word on so I never did anything about it. I know he's been married all this time, and yes he has kids and stuff, so not much point to push it, would only be a fling anyway.
So this has been going on and on. About 3 months ago he's in a meeting here and I get called in. There's a young guy we were thinking about hiring for a project, but they're not sure about his personality, whether he'll fit with the team. This guy was a year younger than me at the same university, they wanted to know if I knew him, I didn't. They asked if I could find out anyone that knew him, and maybe just connect with the guy, have a casual chat, see whether I think he'll get on well with people.
So the guy from the consultancy sends me and the young guy an email together, asking us to organize to catch up etc.

So...long opening to this, I know...I couldn't help but tease a bit. I sent an email back to the consultancy guy asking what reward I get for helping like this. It was a bit cheeky, but just couldn't help myself. Next thing I know I get an SMS. It's been a long long time since I gave him my number so I'm a bit surprised he still had it. He wants to know what sort of reward I'm looking for. I send back 'anything', then he sends back 'anything?' and then I send back 'anything."

Then nothing for a few days. I kind of let it lie, it had been like this for so long anyway. Out of the blue I get a message "I've got an idea". So I sent 'what?'. He sends 'I'll take you for an oil massage'. As soon as I saw that I knew if we really did this it would be taking it much much further than I'd been thinking. I wrote 'sure'. He writes back 'You know what that involves, yeah?' and I wrote "I think so, what you mean?'. He replies 'involves being naked, yeah?'. I wrote back 'sure', almost like it was a joke. He wrote 'Together. We'd both be naked, you know that, yeah?'
I guess he was trying to check I knew what exactly was going on. I wasn't so naive. Even so, I didn't reply. A day later he sends another message 'no go, huh?'. I sent a simple reply 'go'.

It was ridiculously exciting, with two letters I had committed my nakedness to him, we'd never been so much as alone together, no dates, no kisses. I wasn't even quite sure what I was agreeing to. I know what oil massages are like in esthetics centers, but I doubted we would be going to one of those.

The deal was we go after work on a Friday night. So we met in front of my office which was a bit scary but no one we knew seemed to notice. We went cheap eats first, tapas, which was clever because I was too nervous for a proper meal, and plenty of chance to drink wine. The whole conversation was so stupidly normal. We'd known each other for a while but knew so little, there were so many things left to find out, lots to talk about things even as far as his family and my boyfriend. Finally he says 'time to go'.

The place where it happened wasn't big but had a sparkling entrance, bright lights and marble. There's a menu on the wall. It didn't seem like a 'bad' place, the menu had shiatsu, acupuncture, foot massage, all these 'normal' type services. He chooses the European massage. We leave our shoes at the front desk. A young guy in uniform leads us down a long hall and up two flights of stairs. Everything inside is soft lighting, dark carpet, fuzzy wallpaper, didn't see any other people. There was pipe music, those things people play on a mountain surrounded by goats. The guy we followed put us in a room with two big padded massage tables then left. I'm wondering what is going to happen and he comes back with two cellophane wrapped clothes sets, then says buzz when we are ready and goes back out again.

I was ridiculously nervous. My guy explains that we take everything off then change into these robes. Everything off. So I was really supposed to do this now, show him my body...whose reward was this meant to be? He unwrapped one of the packs and gave it to me, there were big baggy shorts and a robe-like top with a string at the bottom, all light cotton. I looked at him, not quite sure how this all worked, what to do, so he's all smiling at my awkwardness. He pulled all his top off, naked on top, putting his clothes on a hanger on a coat-stand by the wall. I had my work suit on. He came over and took my jacket off for me and lay it on the bed then he starts undoing the buttons on my shirt and I just let him. It was ridiculously exciting at that stage, I couldn't believe we two were actually doing it, actually getting naked with each other. He put the shirt on the bed as well. I'd worn a decent bra but he hardly noticed it, just reached around and unhooked it. I was covered in goose-bumps and my nipples were annoying sticking out so much, I covered myself with my arms out of instinct.
He didn't try anything sexual. He sat on a massage table and took his socks off, then stands up there and undoes his pants. He took the pants and underwear off in one go, it surprised me. He was hard, and he looked pretty good. Big but not too big. I didn't have any stockings so I stood there doing nothing so he comes over and undoes my zip and pushes my skirt down, then realizes what he said he wished he knew earlier, that I usually don't wear panties. I've always loved the reaction guys have when they see or feel I'm not wearing panties. And its a double hit, I don't think they expect I'm the sort of girl to be all waxed all the time. He said lots of embarrassing things which were nice about how I was shaved but can't really repeat. He asked why I never wear panties, I told him there was no point, boys kept taking them off, and he laughed.

He hung up my clothes himself, which was nice, he's definitely a polite guy. I started picking up the stuff I was meant to put on, but have to say I was impressed with that guy's body, I was wet down there. He came over and stood there in front of me and checked out my breasts with my arms away. It was weird that we didn't touch, I've never been fully naked with a guy like that, him hard, me wet, and not touch each other. He said to put the shorts on and to put the top on. He said that they would take my top back off pretty soon after it starts, but the shorts would mostly stay on though the guy's hands would go in under them. I didn't ask before, I hadn't thought whether a guy or a girl would do the massage. He said he would have a girl and I would have a guy, and he warned me not to be surprised when the guy felt me up. Everywhere? Everywhere, he said. That was weird, I'm not going to have this guy's hands in my pants, he was lining me up to watch some stranger feel me up.

I put the clothes on, he did too. The top hardly closed at the front, my breasts were half out but he said it didn't matter because it would be off again anyway. He pressed a buzzer and the staff came. Both were young and in uniform. My friend went to his pants on the hanger and pulled out his wallet, he gave them each money. There was a sign on the wall saying No Tips but that didn't seem to mean anything to those three. They lay us down on own table face up. I could see his erection still, but his woman didn't seem to react. The guy massaging me sat on a stool up behind my head and started by giving me the sweetest head massage I've ever had I swear, truly extraordinary, strong but not too hard. He stood and started to do my shoulders. He reached down and undid the ties on the top and pulled it open. Didn't even ask. Then he started running his hands up and down my front, all over them pulling on the nipples and everything just like some date would. Then came the oil. He sat me up and had me take the top right off, my guy there staring at me as he got his own head massage still. He had his hands up behind his head and it looked like that woman had her chest in his palms. So I lay back down and had my front mauled. The massage guy stood and went further and further south with his sliding until he had his hands in my pants. No doubt he also got a surprise when he felt no pubic hair under there. I couldn't believe he fingered along my slit as if it was a natural part of the massage. I looked at my guy, he was permanently grinning at what he saw happening to me. Why was he so happy watching a stranger feel me up instead of him?

The whole massage was a wonder. It was exciting and embarrassing. I got a proper massage front and back, head to toe, and I got fully fingered. He was pretty good that massage guy, twice he had me close to coming. It felt like he had all his fingers up there at once and was running his thumb over the ****, it was really good. I guess lots of girls come in for this type of relief. The massage guy pushed his own hard-on onto my hands and stuff but I didn't take the bait. I could see that my friend there had pulled down his girls pants and he was fingering her as well. It was a strange experience, amazing, I must say. 100 minutes it went for and the only way I could describe the whole thing was 'slippery'. Everywhere. They had an egg timer that went off and just like that they stopped and went out.

I was laying there with my top off and pants half-off wondering what happens now, but the staff came back with a stack of hot towels and rubbed us down all over, wiping off all the oil. My massager took the chance to run his finger into my ***** again under the shorts and this time he took my hand and put it onto his penis. He was hard, for sure, but there wasn't much to do, I wasn't going to have sex with him. Never once did I look him in the eye. To this day I couldn't describe what he looked like.

Those staff they gathered their towels, bowed to us at the door then left. My guy sat up and looked over at me laying with my top off, checking me out. He asked what I thought, I nodded it was good. He took his pants back off, told me to take off mine too, so I did. He came and stood near my table and pulled me up straight, pushed himself between my legs, saying dirty things again about my wax job. He grabbed my *** and pulled me right close to the edge. He went along between my legs a bit and put the head up inside. I didn't say anything, so he put it all in there. It was pretty easy to get in.

I asked him if they'd be back and he said we were allowed to keep the room as long as we want. I'd never felt so good about being naked in a strange place, we two stayed there for over an hour. He had extraordinary staying power, it was a good thing I was so wet. After all the time we knew each other it was great to finally go at it, we literally drained each other of fluids, it was dumb luck I didn't get pregnant. Can you imagine, to a married guy, what a disaster that would have been.

He made me leave my bra and my shirt behind, literally on the hook. I went out with my skirt and my jacket and nothing under. Suit jackets are not designed for wearing nothing under, by the way, people can see your breasts. Guys really leer, huh? If there's a chance to see a ***, they have no shame. I wish we could have gone somewhere and kept going, I really was in the mood, but there was no way we could spend the night with each other. I wasn't living with my guy like he was living with his family but even so he'd find out somehow if I didn't get home. So we went home, which was a shame, but at least I'd found out what he was like with his pants off.

That was it, life back to normal, we've done nothing since.
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Great story!!

Hi i'm Neha,

me and my hus used to have massage sex once in a while...

Let me share an interesting one..

I was once cooking food.It was an oily dish and I had the oil beaker next to me.then My hus came and kissed my neck from behind.with a shock I slipped my hands and oil jar fell down.It was oil throughout my kitchen.Icould only smile at him with a taste of helplessness.He smiled back and told me that he would help to clean the mess.while cleaning,I again slipped on oil and fell in the oil itself.this actually turned on my hus.he slowly started massaging my neck.I closed my eyes.then he took me to food table and fully undressed my saree.taking a bit oil from ground he stared massaging my boobs,navel and then came downto my *****.he cleaned my ***** with a fine was great experience..

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