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The Massage... was all about him. She planned on showing him just how special he was to her.

He had been complimenting her for some time on her waist length strawberry blonde hair...and she had decided to incorporate her hair into his special surprise.

The setting was very romantic and included lots of yummy scented candles...romantic wine...and her in a silk robe sans any other clothing. The only thing missing was him.

She sat down and waited for his arrival. She didn't have long to she heard him 10 minutes later walking down the hall towards the bedroom...and to where his surprise was just waiting for him.

When he entered the room...she immediately met him at the door with a glass of wine. She reached up and lovingly kissed his lips...before he had a chance to take a sip. When she finally released him...his **** was semi-erect...and his heart was pounding.

He finally took a sip of his wine...and swirled it around in his mouth enjoying the exotic taste. He then noticed that she was busy undressing him. He smiled and asked her what he had done to deserve all this special attention. She simply smiled sweetly at him...while she continued to undress him.

The way she kept looking a him...and grazing specific body parts in a really erotic way...he was finding it very hard not to simply grab her...and throw her onto the bed. When she finally had removed every stitch of his clothing...she asked him to go lie on the bed face down...and she would be right with him.

He certainly didn't need to be told twice. He drained his wine glass...and immediately laid down on the bed. He turned his head towards he could watch her approach. At that time...she undid her robe...and let it fall in a puddle at her feet. She then pulled out the pins that were holding her hair on top of her head. Her hair immediately spilled down around her body like a cape...and it hung just past her beautiful bum.

She stood there for a moment letting him simply enjoy the view. He licked his lips in anticipation...and she smiled at him seductively as she walked over to bed...and climbed on top of him. She straddled herself over him his ***...and then lowered her body down until she was sitting on top of him. She then leaned forward until her breasts were pressed against his back...and whispered how she was going to give him a massage he would never forget.

She then proceeded to let her hair spill down around him...until he was cocooned inside a thick curtain of red. Her scent was completely intoxicating...and he found himself taking very deep breaths...just so he could breathe in her delicious aroma.

For the next 15 minutes...she continued to slowly tease his back...***...and face with her hair...while also being teased by her deliciously full breasts...and extremely erect nipples. She never rushed...or changed speed....but continued to drag her body and her hair erotically across his body.

"Oh," I breathed, "That feels wonderful.” "Turn over," she whispered. "I want to massage your chest and thighs," she purred. I turned over immediately and waited for the magic to continue.

Her hands worked over my chest...and slid down to my hips...slowly kneading my upper thighs. My erection was standing proud by this time...and she didn't waste any time before taking her hair and wrapping it around my enormous erection. I gasped because the sensation was that incredible. She then proceeded to slide her hand up and down my ****...while keeping her silky locks wrapped around it. After a few minutes...she released my ****. She then began slowly dragging her hair...starting from my feet...and continuing up my legs...past my ****...over my chest...and then to my face.

By the time she reached my face...she was straddled across my waist...and her hair fell down around both of our faces...completely shutting out everything. All I could smell was her...and all I could see and feel was her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. She smiled at me teasingly and asked, “You like?” I quickly replied, “I love!” She giggled and said, “It's not over yet.” To which I replied, “Thank God!”

She then proceeded to slide back down my body...kneel next to my very hard **** while straddling my legs...and begin lightly tracing her fingers up my thighs...and running them through my pubic hair. She then touched my **** very she trailed her fingertips up and down it...lightly rubbing me...but not giving me any of the friction I craved. She touched the head of my ****...and it immediately swelled. She then tickled my balls...and I moaned softly.

This continued until my **** was aching from being hard for so long. Finally...she wrapped her hand around it...and began to work it up and down...stroking me agonizingly slowly...and making me breath really hard,

She then grabbed a bottle of warm massage oil...and spread it onto my thighs...balls...and then finally onto my ****. Her hand slid up and down my **** slowly...gripping it very loosely...while continuing to spread the oil over my **** and head...and teasing me oh so slowly with the wonderfully warm oil.

"Oh, yessssss..." I breathed as she smiled at me. She then leaned down...and while holding my **** in one hand...she let the tip of it slide over the surface of her very full breast. I felt her nipple pass over my throbbing ****-head...and it swelled even more. She then proceeded to put my **** between her luscious breasts...while she pushed them together...and promptly began sliding herself up and down. I moaned more loudly hips rising and falling to push in and out of her gorgeous breasts.

I felt myself quickly approaching an ******...but she suddenly sat up...leaving my **** to bob painfully in the air. After a few seconds of massaging my thighs...her hands found my balls again...and she began kneading them...and then running a single finger up and down the length of my very hard ****.

I was near the edge...and going out of my mind. "Please,” I moaned.

"Please what?" she asked...smiling very playfully at me.

"Pleeeease make me ***," I responded desperately.

Her fingers stayed wrapped around my huge erection...and she continued to stroke it gently...bringing me maddeningly close to the edge...but not going fast enough to get me off. I was squirming around a bit...and moaning like I was in great pain. I was right at the very edge of *******...and she knew exactly how little to touch as to not let me explode. I was completely desperate.

"Pleeease!" I begged. She then smiled sweetly...and let go of me completely. I groaned again very loudly. One of her talented hands then went to my nipple...pinching it and tweaking it softly...while the other cupped and squeezed my very swollen balls...all the time continuing to keep me horribly frustrated.

She didn't touch my **** for a full minute...letting me fall away from the edge without any relief. She massaged my thighs and calves...but stayed away from my swollen ****.

Her hand eventually grabbed my aching **** again. She proceeded to stroke me fast...moving up and down my raging erection five times...before she would then begin stroking me very slowly...while lightly rubbing my slippery **** at a frustratingly slow pace. After five strokes of this...she then gave me five more fast ones...then five more very slow and light ones.

This treatment continued...five fast...and then five slow...slowly building me towards an ******. I was going out of my mind! The fast strokes brought me closer...but the slow strokes kept me where I was. Just as soon as I started to really enjoy the fast strokes...they were stopped...and she was only lightly touching me...all the while teasing me and giggling at my predicament.

Finally...I had been building for so long...I was about to ***. There was no stopping even the slow strokes would eventually bring me over the edge. I was breathing very hard by this time...and was very frustrated. My **** was impossibly hard by this time...and her soft hands continued to evilly torment me.

Five fast strokes...and then the five slow strokes were even worse than before. Her touch was so light...that she was now barely touching me. By this time...the fast strokes never came...and I moaned loudly. She was determined to take me to the very she just kept touching me very I was literally at the edge of ******* harder than I'd ever *** before.

I was so wrapped up in my own predicament...I hadn't realized the kind of affect I was having on her...until she suddenly climbed on top of me in reverse cowgirl position...and impaled herself completely on my **** in one quick thrust. She let out a lusty I was immediately aware of just how very turned on she had actually become during my massage.

She rode my **** fast and furious...and I quickly began to feel her ***** convulse after only a few minutes of riding. When she ran to meet her ******...I was right there beside her...filling her up with copious amounts of my hot ***. She continued to ride through multiple *******...all the while holding my **** hostage inside her very tight honeypot.

She eventually slid off my ****...and laid down beside me completely exhausted. After a few minutes...she rolled onto her back...and she looked like she was laying in a bed of hair. I smiled at the vision of her...and reached casually for the massage oil. At this point...her eyes got really big...and she squealed, ”No way!” To which I quickly replied teasingly, ”Way. Paybacks are a ***** Darling!”

And with that...we both collapsed into a fit of giggles...and thoroughly enjoyed the playfulness of this very delicious moment.
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What a great massage story! Well told: so descriptive and so sensual. Bravo!
Best Wishes, AT

Whoa!!! Now that was a massage I won't soon forget and I was only reading about it. I really liked the transition from third person to first person as he go involved. Great writing, I'll look forward to reading more of your work.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :)

That's wonderful Kassi :)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)

This is why I love giving and receiving massages so much...

It doesn't matter if you give or receive...both roles are wonderful. Thanks for commenting. :)

i have a need grwoing telling me that i really need to worship you , i think each single part of you is deserve to be adored , worshipped , GODDESS what more i can say you are milking me with just your words....

Thanks for commenting. :)

Great story- I love the long hair massage... wish I could get my wife to do that! Please have your husband read my massage story.

What husband? LOL! Hell...if you're gonna marry me off...give me the damn wedding first. :P

your story made me want to set up an electrosex session right now. Thanks!!!

You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :)

You are a very good writer,I felt like i was right there in the room with you while you were telling it.........So exciting thank you. :)

You're very welcome. Thanks very much for lovely comment. :)

Wow.... Iove this, I will have to read more of yor writing.... this is breathtaking, left me on the edge of my chair sqirmimng.... ;) Many thanks for shary your gift with up

Wow! What a wonderful compliment. Thanks you so much! :)

I do very much enjoy your stories. I hope we getto talk someday

Thanks so much! :)

very wounderfull story indeed

Thanks so much for the lovely comment. :)

Hey Cowgirl, feel like a horsey ride ?<br />
<br />
Great mental portrait created by your story, need I say whose million dollar looking tush I would like to try and throw off the saddle.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the Father's Day gift !

I LOVE horsey rides a lot! Can't you tell? LOL! :P Thanks for the fun comment and of course...Happy Father's Day! :)

Wow ... what a wonderful tease .... staying on edge for a long long time like that .... well when it happens it is close to voluptuous pleasure/pain ... almost pulled a muscle visualizing the scene. <br />
<br />
Your desc<x>ription of the long hair tease was so inviting :) Well written as always ... it is pretty steamy here ... the windows in my room are all fogged up ;)

Wow! What a wonderful compliment. Don't go hurting yourself okay? I would feel horrible if that happened...but then again...what a way to hurt yourself right? :) Thanks again for the lovely comment. You may want to go defog your windows now. LOL! :P

No problem sweetie............*hugs*.........

(((Hugs))) right backatcha! :)

absorbing engaging and exciting.....u r a master story teller.......

Wow! Thanks for the lovely compliment. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. :)

You know I love your stories..........your words always make me pause..........think...........and then I have to caress myself..............I have too......... know me. I always like to help a friend in need. LOL! :P I'm glad my stories have such a profound affect on you SG. It makes me want to continue writing. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. :)

You got a raging hard on from me on that one. Such a great story.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for commenting. :)