The Females Happy Ending Massage

One of my male friends who was a massage therapist wanted to give me a massage. One day while I was in his area of the city I text him and told him I was coming over. Manuvering around a busy downtown can be tricky especially when trying to parallel park a 5 speed on a hill. I was victorious but my nerves were shot from all the traffic. He met me outside and we walked down the street to his loft.

He is a big guy. Not fat but I wouldn't want to run into him on a dark alley.....or maybe I would lol. He stands 6'4 and weighs at least 250. More like a wall than a teddy bear but he had a gentle personality.

He led me through a maze of elevators, stairs and hallways until we finally arrived at his loft. I am a country girl and am quite intriqued by the downtown lifestyle. The loft he lived in had old exposed bricks on the main wall, a small kitchen and an upstairs where the bedrooms were located.
The living room was dark with candles lit and in the center of the room was a massage table all prepared with fresh sheets and towels. He glanced over at me and said he had to hurry because he had an appt in less than an hr. I started to undress while he watched. I was finally down to thongs and asked if I should take those off too. He laughed and said, "yeah'. They hit the floor leaving me standing there naked and exposed but comfortable in my own skin. I walked over and crawled upon the table and laid down on my stomach.

He started giving me a good rubdown with massage oil mentioning areas where I felt tense. I was very relaxed and could have fallen asleep until he started massaging my legs. He got closer and closer to my inner thighs. I could feel my heart beating faster and my breathing was heavier. I slightly arched my back and moaned very softly. He continued to massage my inner thighs and bare butt. As he massaged I noticed his hands slipping more. It was due to the wetness my inner thighs were covered with. He told me to raise my *** up in the air. There wasn't in hesitancy in me. I followed his orders. His large fingers slipped inside my now wet ***** and I was pulling out all my restraints not to tackle him. He told me to relax and anytime I wanted him to stop just tell him. Stop ? I was thinking about more....He continued fingering me increasing in speed until it sounded like someone plunging a toilet. Giving into my lustful needs I let it all go. No inhibitions here. As I approached ****** I leaned up to his lips and began to kiss him and nibble on his neck. I felt a huge gush like a faucet had been turned on inside me and felt an immediate release of tension and pleasure. I moaned very loudly and quivered as a very intense ****** rushed through my body. I kept my eyes closed just enjoying the aftershocks. When I opened my eyes he was standing in front of me smiling and taken his shirt off. He said I squirted so far that I soaked his shirt. I looked down at the sheet and it appeared as if someone had poured a 5 gal bucket of water on it.

He told me to lean up on my knees and again and again he brought me to ******. This went on until after 5 ******* I was depleted but wanted to please him. I laid on my back with my butt towards the end of the table and spread my legs. His eyes were filled with lust and desire. At this point we both knew we had crossed the "professional line'. We were already involved so we may as well finish it. He stood at the end of the table admiring me and ran his hands down my sweaty body. I told him I wasn't leaving until he was satisfied. I started to rub my breast and finger myself trying to tease him. He stood right between my legs and watched me **********. He unzipped his pants and started stroking his swollen ****. He wet his hand with my ***** juice and continued his stroking until he released his pleasure on my stomach. MMMMMMM I moaned. We were both very satisfied even though he never penetrated me.

I cleaned myself up and put my clothes back on. He looked at his watch and said his "paying client" would be there soon. He got dressed and walked me back to my car. As we neared my departure I slipped my hand in his and left 2 crisp bills folded neatly. He looked at them and said, "Oh am I your ***** now ?". I replied,"YES, you are worth the money". He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and I went on my merry way thankful for such a pleasurable distraction and a massage with a happy ending
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Awesome! More women should partake of such pleasures as this.

I cannot say it went quite that far but as a masseur but I had x2 lady's ask for breast massages to be included in their full body massage
I also had a husband request a pleasure massage for his wife including breasts plus her Virgina, I'm not sure if it was a female version Happy Ending he wanted for her but he told me that is what she would normally have BUT the husband also told me NOT to tell her (the wife) that the husband purposely arranged this sexual style Massage which sounded a little suss so I only grazed her Virgina & she seemed a little shocked, surprised so I didn't take it any further.

I think the Husband had some other motive going on but not sure what it was, maybe he was trying to catch her out & see if she would cheat on him or something but who know what was going on in her husband mind ha?

Your story is so hot.

I can't explain it, but I find a sexy lady paying for sex extremely erotic.

Fantastic story!! One of my favorite scenarios!

Are you taking applacations? I would love to audition! :P