Group Massage At A Club, Part 1

When my wife and I visited swing club a couple years ago, we mostly expected to watch (which gets us both going) and make love a couple times surrounded by others doing the same, which seems to really get her going.

That's a story for another time perhaps, but it was great. We love being naked with others!

However this club had a massage table. At one point my wife beautiful wife, who had already *** a few times earlier in the evening, decided it would be fun for us to give each other massages. She laid down and I started the slow light, very light and very slow strokes she loves that get her going. Now she flipped on her back and I worked her belly and occasionally teased her hardening nipples when another couple came up and silently started on her legs. I looked at her and she seemed very blissful so we kept going...slowly and lightly...

Now my wife had always had a fantasy of being tied to a bed and having many faceless me caress her all over. I think she was now starting to live that! She kept her eyes closed and had a huge smile on her face :-)

Another man came up and again wordlessly joined now 8 hands. I moved up by her face and brushed my hands against her cheek and played slowly with her waist-long blond/reddish brown golden hair (so many natural colors in it I never know how to describe but I am so lucky to get to play with it every day!)...surest path to making her wet.

This went on for some minutes with moans of pleasure and joyful gentle writhing. I was focused on her beautiful face and her joy and pleasuring her hair so I'm not sure what the other 3 were of the guys was sucking a huge sensitive nipple at one point, but I'm not sure if anyone penetrated her with a finger or not...I have a vague impression some may have licked her **** for a while...but she did eventually explode with one of her long-to-arrive but many-minutes-long *******...the whole experience so far as I could tell with her eyes closed. I think she really did live out that fantasy!

The other 3 disappeared after she stopped *******...I don't think she ever would have recognized them!

Watch for Part 2 to see what happened next...
Terev39 Terev39
46-50, M
May 25, 2012