The Surest Way...

The surest way to get my wife in the mood is to lightly caress her body...all over, very patiently, without seeming to. She's often reading when I start...I worship her feet first, long foot rubs, using my fingers up and down deep into the soles of her feet. Toe circles are is slow toe-sucking, with a pop as the tension finally releases. She likes my fingers to slide between her toes too...maybe with gentle twist.

While continuing to work a foot with one hand, I might lightly and slowly go up down one leg to the knee...maybe some light fingernails circling ankles. Slowly my strokes will get longer..of course I change the foot I'm working and the leg from time to time..until I get up near her crotch.

If I've done it right, then I know we're in for a good time by her reaction...then both hands might work legs, inner thighs, perhaps a brush across her mound...eventually I will involve my tongue and lips on her thighs, slow licks, brushing kisses...and when she opens her legs I know I can move ahead to pleasure her with lips, fingers, and tongue

There are some variations on this...most of the time, and especially in our dry winters, she loves having lotion rubbed into her...personally I prefer the feel of her skin without the extra lotion, but it does wear off and she loves it...and for this to work, it has to be about her...

Occasionally, if she hasn't shaved her legs for a couple days, a new opportunity arises. My sensitive fingers and palms lightly brush her stubble slowly up her is apparently very intense for her to feel the hair being touched, but not her skin...but oh so close to the skin. Sometimes I'll use my cheek for this too.

My wife has the most beautiful pubic hair I've ever seen. She doesn't do anything to it, but when we're at a resort men come up in wonder and love to look at it and want to touch's fine and pretty long and curly, but like angel really does draw men in. Like the hair on her head, it has many colors in it (red, blond, light and dark browns, blending wonderfully together so that in different light it has differing colors.

Oops, I guess I got distracted thinking about it! Anyhow, once she is somewhat aroused, she loves having her pubic hair played with. I know many women prefer being shaved, and I think that smoothness is sexy too, but her fine hair gives me more opportunities for play. She loves having it gently pulled, especially if I take much of it in my mouth and pull her mound up and hold it while looking in her eyes, or if I pull open her lips using the few hairs to look deep in her *****...moisture is sure to follow...

So while it's a bit of effort, I love pleasing my wife, and I usually get amply repaid once she's fully aroused :-)
Terev39 Terev39
46-50, M
Jun 11, 2012