Couples Massage

Girlfriend has been sharing more stories with me from the times she used to work as a massage therapist.....

One interesting experience she had was when she was booked to give a sensual massage to a married couple. She says this actually happened twice, but she can't remember the details from each one specifically.... except one of the couples was just a straight sensual nude massage.... where they both got massage her and then massaged both of them and then they played together while she just watched and helped out a little with some more rubbing etc....

The other time the couple was wanting a lot more! Started off the same way but they were both fascinated with her smooth ebony skin and instead of just rubbing and massaging her, they started sucking and licking her body.... soon concentrating just on her **** and *****.... taking it in turns to suck each (she especially liked it when the wife went down on her!). She reciprocated by sucking first his **** (so his wife could watch the 'show; while she was sucking my girlfriends *****) and then she sucked the wifes ***** while the husband sucked my girlfriend's juicy black ****.

The first time she told me this story, that is as far as it went... with her giviing the guy a ******* to finish him off after sucking his wife to climax.But she has slowly given more details on what happened .... at this stage she has owned up letting the guy **** her.... but hasn't said if he used a condom and/or if he came inside her. At first he said he put his **** in her for second or two while she was busy sucking his wife.... he'd been rubbing it up against her **** and her ***** lips and said it accidently slipped in. Then she admitted it was more than an 'accident' and that he had ****** her for a while... in different positions etc. And now she said that she might have instigated it as she was so horny and turned on by them playing with her and sucking etc.... so still waiting to hear what else might have happened ;)
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This is getting hotter.

Hot story!!Loved it.

I have provided many couples massage sessions, and some did become sexual

I want a massage too!

fantastic i'd love a massage with her

Very arousing<br />
I would imagine most massage therapists have had some interesting experiences as it is so arousing having your body rubbed.

Accidents do happen. Maybe she will share a few more of her little "slips" from the massage days :-) dc

yes, love hearing about her 'accidents' ;)