Imagine Ladies.

Just imagine this!
I have had you under my hands for an hour giving you a full body massage.
You are completely relaxed.
I open your legs very gently and run my hand slowly up your thigh.
My two middle fingers of my right hand slide gently into you wide open ***** that is so wet with all the massaging.
I turn my hand palm up.
I then get my fingers to make a movement as if I am beckoning you to come to me.
My fingers rub your 'G' spot.
You cannot control your self at this point.
You ****** so hard you squirt all over my hand.
So with that I go back again and you squirt yet again.
I do this over and over again until you say stop.
After letting you lie for a while I slide my body between your legs, put my **** into your ***** and slowly move in and out.
I do this so gently you get annoyed and make me go faster and faster and faster until you hit an enormous climax at the point I let all my *** shoot into that soaking wet *****.
You like?
kered44 kered44
70+, M
Aug 4, 2012