Free Massage For The Ladies In England

I love to have a good massage but I much prefer to give a good massage to a woman.
I will not do men as they always want you to get them off.

So if any of you ladies are in the UK and would like a free massage, with extras if you request (all free), then contact me and we will make some arrangements. I would expect you to come to me in the midlands ( CV33 9JG ) and I would look after you very well and make you feel soooooo good.

The first massage I ever had was all straight and above board and I felt so very good after it I got interested in doing it. I have an advert in my local paper and I get women from time to time and they go home with a big smile on their face!
So girls if you are in England and want a free massage, back and neck - full back, includes foot massage - or a full body massage, get in touch.
I do it for free because it keeps my hand in at massage and I love the feel of a woman's skin under my hands. 01926 259169 will get me.
kered44 kered44
70+, M
Aug 4, 2012