Would Love One

I have never had one but it sounds like it feels great!!!
Kream19 Kream19
26-30, F
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Where are you located and I may help you out.... I have soft strong hands and many talents...

Im in Northern California... the SF bay area

damn... too far :(

Want to exchange pics and email? Could use some fun here..... I could make it worth it for you.

No thank you... i want the real encounter

ok, but I would make it worth the effort....

What exactly do you mean?

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i can give you the best massage ever

As a female I will recommend that you try it. I am a massage junkie I have to admit but since I meet my private masseuse my life changed for good. If you like read my story. Maybe you understand and feel the same way I feel. story: Female happy ending

A good sensual massage with someone you can trust is truly a magical gift. My wife and I enjoy and look forward to sensual massage with each other. The touch, the sensation and the feeling of deep relaxation as you descend into your senses. Find the right person!

When he comes along.. this will be something for us to do with each other as well

In the mean time explore and try it. I am not sure where you are but I am sure that you can find a friend, masseuse or masseur who can provide this kind of wonderful massage. I have given this gift to several friends of ours with my wife's support and it has been a mind opening experience. Good Luck in your search. I wish I could help more!

I would be glad to give U a sexual massage!

That would be exactly what the doctor just ordered!!!

U wanna play 'Doctor' ? ;)

Do U like to dance naked ?

yes i meant .. i'd love to try it

I tried adding U to my friend list but I guess Ur privacy settings restrict me from adding U or sending a direct message. Do U have any other way of allowing me to contact U or chat with U more privately ?

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The feeling is awesome!! Believe me! :)