Sexual Massage Is So Relaxing!

I usually got my Sexual Massage at home while my wife is away... we use this 34yrs old female. To come to our house to massage me and my wife, but my wife not really like her massage. She said her massage is to soft not strong enough for her! Me on the other hand, like her soft and relaxing massage. So every month I ask my wife to book my massage with this girl but wife doesn't know that in every massage I got a happy ending from the massage girl. Luckily wife not suspects anything as this girl dress properly (using uniform) and not attract attention. But she has a very high sexual energy when she touches me! The first time she gave me hand job was not on the first massage visit. It was on the second visit when my wife is not at home. After my wife left the house she ask me if my wife is gone? And I said yes she just left the house and she asks me for how long? And I said to her maybe for a while, as she has to do some monthly groceries. But I got a bit suspicious about her asking me for how long my wife will be gone... and I got a naughty mind after she ask my that question. After 1hour of body massage, she ask me if I want to remove my underwear. After that question I know that she can perform extra naughty massage. As I usually go the massage parlour and that is the code question to go beyond normal massage! Jackpot but i just pretend to be stupid lol... ofcource i said yes hahaha... and she give me normal massage after 10 minutes and she start to massage near my groin area from behind as i was on my tummy. And ofcource I give her a green light by moving my *** with her hand motion. After around15 minutes she ask me to turn over so she can’t massage my front and boy oh boy my **** was hard as a rock plus the precum on top lol... she just smile and massage my body not straight to my ****. And after 5 minutes she pour lots of oils on her hand and she just grab and hold my **** and start massaging the base with full of passion and sexiness. My hand went straight to her thigh as she was wearing long black pants so I can't feel her skin but i was squeezing her thigh. So ask her nicely if I can squeeze her breast and she said yes! So I did... and I guess she felt hot too cos the next thing I know she unbutton her uniform top and let me squeeze her breast from her bra... well the next visit she did unbutton all her uniform and her bra but not her long pants... back to the story and at last she make me *** so hard, until I feel so week and relax and the best part is to come... she massage my body and head for the rest 30mintues. Oh that’s was the best relaxing massage ever!
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Are you still getting any massage from her?

This is something that I would love. Trying to find a good sensual massage in the U.S. is a hard. When I was in Thailand you could get a good message on every corner.