Taking Turns

My current wife is named Debra, I always call her Debs. She is a Registered Nurse Practitioner, which is about as close as you can get to a Doctor without a piece of paper saying so.

While I have had a few naughty massages in the past, I never really thought much about getting one after Debs and I married. Yes, like many men, I ran into a few that had no inhibitions way back and those could be fun if the woman knew what she was doing.

The surprise might be that most women really do not have a clue about doing that and the ones that are excellent are actually quite rare. Sure, most can make you climax but the ones who can create a mind blowing sensation are maybe one out of 50 or so.

(Sorry, ladies, but some of you really could use some training.) Of course us men have the same problem with your equipment, I am an old man now and still learning things.

Debs, being a Nurse, understands the male anatomy very well and she can make my now 69 year old equipment stand up like a teenager, so I guess the word is that I was quite content.

Then one day the old Prostate gland was acting up, (again) to the point where I was running to the bathroom every 15 minutes and waking up at night a half dozen times.

Debs noticed and one evening she came home from her clinic and told me she had a lady coming over to help me. Debra's specialty is Geriatrics, so she knows all about dealing with older men and some of their issues. I asked her once how many dicks she had in her hands on any given day, she told me "maybe 2 or 3" and laughed at me.

There is no arguing with Debs once she sets her mind, so I resigned myself to it, the truth being I wasn't really in the mood to have anyone poking around at my back door.

July was what she called herself, probably a fake name. She also was a registered nurse, but she preferred doing massages on outcall, that way she could work when she wanted to and with whoever she wanted to. Plus by being a nurse, she could do whatever she wanted to, none of the nutty laws they have restricting normal massage therapists.

July set up her table in our spare room, she had me ***** and get on it. There was a drape, I braced myself for her doing a Prostate massage but instead she did a normal full body rubdown and she was good at it and I do mean GOOD!

Then she tugged on a pair of latex gloves, I braced myself when she started, with me lying on my side, one leg pulled up. That didn't hurt like I expected, but I also got an erection which isn't abnormal when Debs plays around back there.

The surprise was when her other hand came around and began to work on that also at the same time. Now think about that for a moment, my wife was sitting in the living room watching TV and this rather cute 35 year old lady had one finger up my fanny and was working my erection with the other.

My wife is the only woman to ever get close to what I experienced that evening, I had an ****** that all but took off the top of my head! But she didn't even stop at that, instead kept going for at least another 15 minutes or so.

When July finally finished, she explained to me that the contractions are helpful, and combined with the massage it should really help with my Prostate concerns. Man, was she ever right about that..

When we came out, I was a little bit embarrassed at what just happened, guilty I guess.

Then July smiled at Debs, and said, "Your turn!" Debs hopped up with a big grin and went into the room, shut the door.

So I sat out there and watched TV.

Maybe with us being married and all we should not be doing things like that, but I am 69 and Debra is 57 and it does not hurt anything or anyone at all. Plus it helps me, I mean it REALLY helps!

My wife does not have a single jealous bone in her body, and she also has very few if any inhibitions.

One thing did happen, we went to Vegas. While there, we both got massages, called a "tandem." Both of us at once, in the same room. The first time it was just massages, the second time I watched as Debs got a happy ending from the guy and she watched as I got one from the guy's wife!

Seeing some guy looking at and rubbing the wife's ****** while his wife was pulling on my own erection was something else.

"That was fun!" Debs gave me a big hug after they had left.

Kinky? Yea, you bet. July is better at it though, we now have her over a couple of times each month.

Debs did show one reservation, after the tandem massage she asked me straight out if her letting the guy do that to her bothered me.

I didn't need to think very hard, it didn't. I just found it interesting.

Plus Debs told me after that I was way better with my hands which was a nice ego boost.

You might find this odd, but I never have watched Debs with July, and she has never watched me with her either, probably 30-40 times now.

We are headed for Reno in a few weeks, over my birthday and also our anniversary. Debs told me she knew a woman down there who does outcalls. Will anything happen? Who knows, if it does maybe I will write the story if anyone is interested.

We both know of course what happens with July, so there is no room to be shy or embarrassed..

Everyone should have a wife like mine, the world would sure be a lot more peaceful.
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5 Responses Aug 20, 2012

Your right that most women do not know how to blow your mind. I put it down to a lack of interest in pleasing their partner. I once had an asian partner who knew what she was doing. It was my first experience with a sexual partner who knew what she was doing and I have never struck another one since. My advice to anyone is if you find a partner who blows your mind sexually stick with them as I get the feeling like you said they are rare. You are so lucky to have one.

Guys also generally have no idea how to please their partner.

Sounds like a positive relationship

Great story...and I agree with the others, all wives should be like Debs. Definitely tell us about Reno.

your are right on all the points, Magmaman. Now that I've had my porstate removed I'm reading all these great stories about "prostate massage." Damn I miss my prostate. Terrific story. I'll look forward to reading more of your stories.

I certainly agree with you my friend. All wives should be like your Debs.