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Foreplay Massage!

My wife and enjoy giving each other massages prior to screwing. Slowly disrobing together watching each other get naked gets us in the mood. Coming together rubbing our naked flesh up against each other as we kiss gets the juices flowing.The entire process of tactile stimulation through massage is art of making love to us. Rubbing our oily hands over each others bodies, feeling the softness and smoothness of each others naked flesh enjoying each others curves reconnects our feelings of closeness.
My favored fetish is rubbing my greased erection in the crack of my wife's behind. Never thinking about penetrating her anus she allows me to selfishly use her beautifully curved buttocks enjoying an erotic frottage with her. Rubbing my hard shaft between her cheeks, sliding the underside my length so that it stimulates her outer anus gets us both aroused and thinking about intercourse. She loves the feelings of my balls rubbing against her anus as well.
She reciprocates laying on top of me while I'm on my pinned down belly rubbing her oiled sex around and around my tail bone stimulating her entire vulva and clitoris. I can tell by the way she is sliding vigorously up and down my own buttocks that if she had a penis it would be inside of me.She has told me that when she is on top she fantasizes about having a huge shaft taking me this way. 
That is why she now owns a strap on!
Oiling her breasts and belly she lies on top of me rubbing her lubed nipples sensuously over my chest and belly. She uses her lubricated crotch to massage my stomach sneaking down lower rubbing her sex all over my genitals so that her swollen labia lips are stroking the length of my erection. With pre-come oozing from my shaft she grabs the head and uses my glans to massage the clear liquid all over her clitoral region getting herself nice and hot. She stops just short of pushing me inside.Sliding down further she wraps her oiled breasts around my erection sliding it between her melon sized breasts. Bending her head forward she teases the tip with her tongue as she pushes me upward to her mouth.Teasingly she stops just short of my climax.
My wife demands more pleasure, leaving me fully erect she starts rubbing her sex all over my body upwards to my face. Her self lubricated labia lips begin massaging my own lips softly rubbing around and around on my mouth until I open her petals with my tongue. Settling down on my face I treat her to the ultimate massage with my experienced tongue darting in and out of her orifice. She then begs me to suck her clitoris with soft suckling lips until she climaxes!  
Finally she slowly gets off my mouth moving downwards until we are mouth to mouth so that she can taste her sweet juices in an intimate kiss. I could feel her experienced sex dripping wet opening up slowly settling down on my erection swallowing it hole. Slowly sliding up and down for the ultimate massage my experience lady slowly controlled the movements to keep me from coming too soon. Working her body into another climax she held me off so she could enjoy the pleasure before allowing me to come.We continued kissing long after her sex invited my juices which squirted deeply into her body.
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I need a massage are you both free?

I would if I could my wife wouldn't and couldn't because she doesn't want to thanks for asking

Convince her :)