Resort Massage

My wife and I several years ago stayed at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. It was great and we enjoyed ourselves. We treated ourselves to a massage at the resort. My wife went first and I waited for her and then took my turn. My wife returned to the beach and the therapist was ready for me. She told me to go in and undress and wear a towel back into the massage room. When entering the room I asked where to put the towel. She said just hang it up on the hook on the other side of the room. I thought, then I will be naked, but OK I will do it. The therapist was an attractive middle aged female Jamaican. As I walked back to the massage table she eyed my package. I'm partially circ with full coverage on my tool. I also shave all hair in that area. As I felt her stares at my tool, I began to harden and my foreskin began to retract and expose my glans. My penis is no prize winner but it works great for me. She was very bold and said she saw few Americans with foreskin. They don't circumcise in the Caribbean. I laid on my ***** and she gave me a great massage on my backside, with my buttocks covered with a thin washcloth. When I turned over she adjusted the cloth to cover my privates. I was leaking precum and was staining the cloth. She gave a great leg and foot massage. I remained semi-hard until she started on my upper thighs. I think she wanted to see how hard I would get. By then I didn't care anymore and my tool tented that small cloth and she would at times peek under as she massaged different areas on my upper body. I had produced a large wet spot on her cloth. My foreskin was retracted and my bluish colored glans was engorged. She finished the massage and started to leave the room and said for me to take my time and then put on the towel and come out to get dressed. She said she would leave the massage oil on the table if I needed it. Of course I needed it, my ball sac was ready to explode. I often think I should have told her to wait in the room with me while I finished my massage.
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Who gives the best massages in jamacia.male or female?

No Happy Ending? Shame---

Yes it was a Sandals resort in Montego Bay

Which resort did you stay in? I was at one in Montego Bay a few years back where I had basically the same experience, just without the tiny cloth - she had me on full display on the table. I went back for a second one and opted for the outdoor "moonlight" massage and it was the same; naked for the world to see but this time near the beach just behind the spa. Both ended the same way yours did - I was left with the lotion and time to finish the job before I got up.

Very good The ladies get a good thrill out of these seeing what they can achieve in their massages.

You are right. She had seen me flaccid and probably wanted to see how far my tool would extend when aroused. I'm definitely a grower and I hoped she liked it as much as I did. I should have gone back later that week for repeat performance.

The 2 of you should go for a couples massage next time.

I agree, I would have liked to show her how a foreskin covered American **********. She knew she better just let me finish up, unless she was peeking thru the door and watched me pump out my load from my skinned back glans onto that tiny wash cloth. She probably inspected it when I left.

Do you know if they had surveilance cameras? You can find a lot of those videos on **** sites, permanently mounted with a view of the table and entire room. The participants change, but the action and the ending rarely does.

I didn't even think to look. I think many of those so called hidden cameras are not that hidden.

I agree. If most of the clients are young, fit males, I would think that it's near a military post and that it is well known for the massage and optional "happy endings"...and so, a surveilance camera means nothing to them. Just a price of doing business.