A New Twist For Me

I have enjoyed receiving erotic massages for years. My ex-wife use to encourage me to go every few months and then come home and tell her the details while I fingered her **** to ******. All I ever asked for was a simple massage and a *******. Some of the girls would do this for me topless and some nude and would allow me to touch them. As long as it never went further than that, I had my ex's permission.

Recently, I have found a "spa" that has upped the excitement. Last week, I went for the first time and had one of the prettiest girls ever come in to give me a massage. I had already removed my clothes and was laying face up on the table. I was feeling a bit bold and asked her if she might accomodate a fantasy of mine and allow me to massage her first.

This was her third day on the job and she seemed a little surprised at my request. (She was temporarily helping out the owner by filling in.) She asked me what I would like her to do and I told her to take her clothes off and lay face down on the table. She quickly agreed and thought this was her lucky day!

I watched as she took her clothes off. A beautiful girl with a very hot body. She lay face down, pointed out the lotion and I began her massage. I started at her shoulders, worked my way down to her butt and then down her legs to her feet. From there, I moved back up to her butt and rubbed both cheeks firmly. I let me fingers slip down between her legs and rub against her shaved lips. She just moaned. I then put more lotion on my fingers and moved down to her mound, rubbing it and then running my fingers into her slit, finding her ****. I massaged her **** with my right hand while carressing her breasts with my left. She gave me a few suggestions like "rub it a little slower". I took the advice well and soon she started to shake as her ****** hit her. I let her calm down and then gave her a second one.

We exchanged places on the table and she returned the favor, stroking my **** and balls until I came on her hand, a little in her hair, and onto my stomach.

It was so hot and still gets me excited thinking about it!

I then asked her to turn over. I rubbed her arms and legs and then began massaging her breasts. I gently rubbed and tweaked her nipples. She just looked at me and smiled. I was na
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