Face Down Bliss

I am a man of massages.
After a hard days work or a workout in which I kicked my own ***, I love to treat my muscles to some pleasure.
I had bounced around from place to place trying to find the one I could call my “go to.” The place where I could always get an appt, relatively inexpensive, and a place that had potential.
Potential was the biggest turn on for my now “go to” spot.
I had been seeing my masseuse for about a year now, very cute mid 40s Chinese lady who was the sole operator of her establishment. She was in charge of it all! I chose this place because of the potential, I thought just maybe I can get my desired happy ending.
The first massage was the best I had ever had. No luck in the end besides some very relaxed muscles and mind. Which I didn’t mind at all.
Long sweeping movements, loosening and stretching my body. She is very experienced in traditional Chinese massage therapy and I couldn’t help but keep coming back.
After about a year of going once a month or so, the day finally came. (Pun)
The massage started as usual, and as she started to work my inner thighs, my mind was on a single track trail heading for naughtyville. For the first time I popped wood on the table, face down even!
Next thing I hear is “you make mess on table…oh no” Just a little precum is all, with I replied “sorry, it just felt so good.”
By which she replied with a simple seductive oh.
She oils up my **** and balls ever so softly. Shes covered every inch of my manhood by the time she starts stroking it in the most untraditional way.
She grabbed my throbbing head from the table and started to rub her thumb over the head in a circular kind of motion. (almost like a milking action…weird I know)
It took me a while to finally come to an ****** but when I finally got there, it was one of the most amazing ******* I’ve ever had. She continued to rub my sack and Johnson until she grabbed the towel to wipe up.
Face Down ****** mind you, that’s a first.
Next time I went back same thing, except she initiated.
I was in a half slumber when I felt her gliding hands up my inner thigh to manhood.
Next time I am going to flip over and let her take it from there because although face down ****** was great, there is nothing like lying back and watching the pleasure take place.
I also want to repay her, and not just with monetary means. I’d like to ask her if I could caress her down on her own table next time. Would that be too much? Stick to the basics? Who knows, I’m going for it cause I’m gonna ride this good thing out to its fullest.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Great experience! I enjoy massages as well and have the same approach of finding someone that I like who I can trust and who knows what I like and dislike. I have also gotten to a level of trust where I have asked the masseuse if she would like a massage. I have pretty good technique (not formerly trained) sometimes they say yes and sometimes they say no. I have also given a few of them their own happy ending as well. My recommendation is to be sincere, honest and ask. She may say no and that is OK too. Good luck!