A Few Days Ago....

I have been providing massages for over 10 years, and do many for free or by donation. A few days ago this lovely young woman of 19 came in for a 1st time massage by a man other than her BF. I led her to my room and told her to undress to whatever level she was OK with, and gave her the option to cover with a towel. When I came back a few mutes later, she was on her front side with a towel over her hips area. I asked if there were any problem areas that I should concentrate on, to which she replied she was up for a full body massage.

I won’t get into details regarding the methods used, since it would be a very long story. But after I had done her back and legs, I asked if she wanted me to massage her butt. She replied by saying that she had never been shy about her body and removed the towel herself. Her butt was firm, yet soft, and I spent several minutes there.


I then told her to turn over and offered to replace the towel if she wanted. She responded by flipping onto her back, allowing me to see her full frontal nudity.  I began on her forehead and temples, giving a good facial caress.  From there I went to her feet and legs. After massaging her breasts for a few minutes, I moved to her stomach and used soft circular motions, while grazing my fingertips through her pubic hair.


Soon she spread her legs wider, and asked me to touch her there. She gasped as I put two fingers inside and began to slide them in and out. She climaxed sooner than I thought, but I kept my fingers deep inside until her ****** was finished.  She then sat up on the bed and lowered my sweats and boxers.  She put my **** into her mouth and proceeded to give me an incredible BJ. She was able to take most of my 8 inches, and used her hand to caress my balls.


Soon she said she wanted to feel me inside of her. Now this has happened on occasion, but not usually until I have seen someone several times. Even then most any sexual relief offered to me is by hand or oral.  She lay back on the bed and I slipped inside of her.  After a few minutes she wanted to be on top, which is always good for me. I was somehow able to hold off another 5 minutes before telling her I needed to ***.


She climbed off and quickly put me back into her mouth, and swallowed my load. She continued to suck gently until I became soft in her mouth. She told me she enjoyed the massage and I replied the same. She stated that we would have another session soon, and I am looking forward to that.

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i would like to do this for a guy.

This is an awesome story! I'm jealous. I think I got into the wrong line of work haha! Looking forward to more stories.

Thanks. Not all sessions end up this way