OH How Good It Feels!

He came over one day while everyone was gone. "You know-I still owe you that back rub" he told me. Just the thought of his hands massaging across my body made my knees weak.

Leading him to the bedroom I told him to wait and went to the bathroom to undress. Being self conscience I wrapped the towel around me and came back into the bedroom and laid across the bed on my stomach.

He took out the oil and started at my feet, massaging and manipulating the flesh everywhere his fingers touched. Up and down my feet, massaging each toe individually, running his fingers between the toes...oh how good it felt, so sensual.

He moved up to my calves stroking with deep long strokes the length of my calves, bending my leg at the knee and continuing the strokes...rubbing the oil into my muscles.

He then crawled up on the bed "to be better able to reach where I need to reach" next to me. He poured the oil on the backs of my thighs and I thought I was going to melt. He started at the back of my knees and gradually...very slowly...rubbed up my thighs. He moved my legs till they were spread and then started again on my thighs. Up, up up he rubbed and then down my leg. Up again ... each time getting closer and closer to my now dripping ****. His beefy finger tips just barely touching my **** and then massaging down my leg again. Each time he ran his hands up my legs I would lift my bottom just a tad, trying to get him to touch me more fully....but to no avail.

He then moved to my back, telling me I needed to move the towel so he can "more fully massage my back the way it needed to be massaged"...so off came the towel and I was totally nude. I was feeling the heat of the moment and the embarrassment left me as I waited with anticipation for him to begin on my back.

He poured the oil on my back and his hands sent shivers down my spine as he started massaging it. Starting at my shoulder and moving down my back to my bottom, back up the sides. When he got to the sides of my globes that were mashed down because of me laying on them he paid extra attention to them. Massaging up and down my back, loving on the sides of my breasts. Oh how heavenly it felt when he took the massage down to my bottom. His hand massaging my bottom very well. Pushing and kneading and pulling the flesh every way he wanted. He had me totally melted in his hands. My juices were flowing everywhere.

He told me it was time to turn over. Feeling the pressure of his hard **** pressed to my thigh I was more than willing to turn over. As I turned over I couldn't help but see the swelling under his shorts. He was as turned on as I was.

As he poured oil on my stomach and across my breasts he stopped and stared at me. I could tell by the slight shake in his hands and they started toward my stomach that he was fighting for control. He started to massage my stomach ... running his hands up to my breasts, fingers splayed across them as the ******* got hard.

"Oh God" he said "I don't think I can .... " "Don't stop now" I said, "...finish me off. Take off your shorts now and finish this."

With both of us naked the massage he was giving me with his hands now switched to the rest of his body and his mouth. Oh how heavenly it felt to have his swollen **** inside of me, massaging me even on the inside. The kisses he gave my body took me to the brink of ecstasy as his massage took me over the edge.

At total and satisfying sexual massage.

Rainystorm Rainystorm
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If i were him, i would hold back until you desperately ask to do it. Well written very hot story.

love to give you a massage, plse add me...

oh damn. That was hot.

Very nice hot story.

Now that is a sensual massage, I will have to treat my lovely wife to one of those

I love the story I'm hard just reading it. I love to give massages and the one you just described is my kind of massage

Something similar happened to me once when I was a trainer and gave massages to some of my clients. Sometimes it's hard to hold back, when the legs begin to part more, the breathing gets a little faster, the moans get a little louder and then the *** raises. . .it's all over!

nice story - thanks :)

Thank you Gigi! I really enjoyed it, lol.

MMmmmm, bdsm...<br />
<br />
Someone being in control of you and having to submit...with a little pain....<br />
<br />
Yes I like it and I am a sub...but I wouldn't mind exploring the dom.

Rainy, are you into light bdsm? And if so, would you be dom or sub?

A little bdsm is always fun. And ******* together is the very best.

OH MY!!! michaelda1 That sounds so hot. Clamps sounds like something I would love to try and ******* together...isn't that just about the best thing ever?

Great story,getting or giving a nice, long, oily massage is a great prelude to hot sex..My girlfriend has a massage table that we put in front of the sliding glass door so we run the risk of being watched.We use lots of coconut oil.She likes me to put these little clamps on her nipples and she will use a vibrator while I twist the clamps and **********..Then right when she is about to come I slide inside her so we can come together


...you and me both SB, lol

Yes I can imagine all too well :) .... I think I'm still breathing heavy..LOL

Awww Checquers you say the sweetest things to me.<br />
<br />
Thank you snowbunny.....it was one of those times where the anticipation of where he was gonna rub next...well you can imagine.

mmmm very nice Rainstorm...WHEW I think I need a cigarette and I dont even smoke :)

Why thank you Hot Guy... I really enjoyed that day, lol.<br />
<br />
I usually give more than I receive...massages that is.<br />
<br />

mmmm..fantastic, Rainy........A nice, slow deep oil massage is a great turn-on ( to give AND receive) and you have described it perfectly......

thank you EnRegalia.... I get hot just remembering when it happened. <br />
<br />
Got an email from him this morning...he was remembering too, lol.<br />
<br />

HAHAHA....ROFLMAO.... you are funny....think everyone knows who you are.... a Guru for most, hehehehe<br />
<br />
Still learning new things by reading your posts, lol.

If you had a contest about me, you wouldn't get more than 3 commets. And they would say, "Who the hell is he?"

May? hhhmmmm am I gonna have to work on you to get to hear it?<br />
<br />
<br />
This could be fun....

I think you are neat also, and you may one day hear that story.

hhhmmmm....I'll have to check that .....:P<br />
<br />
Ultimately you are the greatest mewold....someone needs to have a contest on who can worship you the best, lol. <br />
<br />
Still wanting to hear that story....always willing to learn something new.<br />
<br />

Yes, sweetheart, but I have also noticed that you have helped Sara more. LOL

lol you might want to start telling me mewold...I've already helped you...several times if I remember right.

Hey Raineystorm, I have a better way to give a massage. I'll tell you about it if I win the war with Sara and you help.

I like it when the heat goes up kinkyme. Makes for a more interesting time.<br />
<br />
:P<br />
<br />
We had fun C....lots of fun, lol.

Can I be the rubber and you the rubbee..;-) Hot story! Go girl. It's getting hot in here!