First Time

I really did not give a whole body massage.

This was before I was married.  I had never jacked a guy off.  My boyfirend roomed with two other guys but they were not home on this day.

My boyfriend and I were on the couch in the apartment listening to music.  He was in his boxer shorts on his back.  I had never seen the climax and was curious.  I got some hand cream out of my purse and sat down on the floor by the couch.  I took his penis out of his shorts and beagn to put cream on it.  My face was only inches away as I rested my head on his thigh and I really enjoyed wathcing it get big and hard in my hand.  I slowly massaged his penis from its beautiful head down its eniter length.  I was just wathcing the head when my boyfriend began to tense up and then bam, first stream.  It was a lot more *** than I had expected and it shot higher.  I kept massaging and then the next eruption.  I really liked it and he did too.  He said he really enjoyed me taking my time.  It looked delicious.

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Good girl!

You didn't taste it?

Wonderful experience. It always feels better for me when the woman is gentle and takes her time.

Sounds like fun!!
Nothing better than having a sexy woman stroke it for me!!

Wonderful, a truly loving experience for you both.

It is erotic and romantic.

Sounds like an excellent reason to invest in plastic slip covers for the couch. Hope you were able to clean up well before the roommates returned. Did he offer to return the favor?

So what happened next ?

I adore giving guys hand jobs and seeing them *** hard

When I was a teenager, my girlfriend and I were each other's "firsts". While on a road trip just her and I, she started asking me what it was like to *** and what happens. I was driving on I-10 at the time and tried to explain it to her. She decided to take matters into her own hands (or mouth in this case) and leaned over from the passenger seat to give me a bj. It was GREAT and she got me to the verge of release within a short amount of time. I told her as such and she sat up and asked me to finish and that she wanted to watch. Although I really wanted to finish with her blowing me, i knew she wanted to see the experience. I told her it might be messy, so she threw me a towel we had used on the trip and said to go for it. She watched from the passenger seat the entire while with mixed reactions and slight amazement. I've never felt so self conscious in my entire life, but it was for her and I loved her more than anything at the time. When I was done, she had this look of, "is that what really goes on down there?!? And she never asked about it again.

Nice story

Thanks! ;-) I miss and think of her often.

What a wonderful thing to do for your boyfriend out of the blue! If I were him I would have married you for that alone! ;)

Well the story is very short and effective. Right to the point. No boring details. But the shooting part is a little debatable. If he came with just a little massage of the head of the penis, it will not be so strong and high up in the air as you say. It will be like blurting out...pumping out...sort of. For a high up shoot of the *** u need a man to be pumping in a xxxx for atleast a few minutes before the load actually gets accumulated in ..... without full ammunation, its hard to shoot your load that high

Had a relationship with a 60yo woman who had never wanked a **** and she did it slowly and was amazed by the amount of *** and she sucked it all up.

Wonderful ! ! !

ur a good girl

Sometime ago I had a sexual relationship with a mature age women over sixty and on day we were watching television and I had just got out of the shower and still nude. She had a small bottle of baby oil in her hand and started to massage my **** and testicles slowly. I eventually shot my load after a good ten minutes and she slowly kept massaging my **** until it went soft and then licked it clean, I got another erection and this time she swallowed my ***. Afterwards I sucked on her clitt until she had three *******.

Would love to join you, sounds exciting ! ! !

I-really liked your story. The first time is really the greatest, both massager and massagee. I've been in both places. I've had sexual massages from men and women and have given sex massages to both men and women

I,ve had girlfriends do me like that and sometimes I *** right over my shoulders. It depends on <br />
My supply at the time. It,s a great feeling when you go off several shots.

One of my friends loves to get really close, she is very visual, and really loves to look at the color changes and the pulses, the veins and the shape of the "thing" from up-close, with out missing any single detali, and she is very open about her tastes. She really gets pleasure out of this, and you can tell by the sweet wetness. That is why I undestand you alongthebeach, you must be very visual also

Sounds like an Olympic event - *** shooting. On the medal stand where do you think they would hang the gold, silver and bronze?

Last time I checked. lol

I know, it's awesome, when my wife wanks me I *** really hard.

You have me all hot and bothered now ... All I can say is "Next!" ;-)

It happens sometimes.Its called premature ***********.Just by applying some creame within no time you shouldent shoot it so fast.<br />
<br />
About the shooting higher.Its beautifull to look at the shooting of the *** in the air higher up.