One Hot Passionate Night!!!

Last night I went to a function and left my hubby at home... When I arrived home I thought everyone was asleep that was not the case. I came in the garage door and saw a note that read, " Take off your shirt and skirt and go to the kitchen." I did as I was told and went to the kitchen walking around in my underwear (Black bra and thong) and my patent leather boots.  I then found another note that read, "Get a drink for us and come to the bedroom... I am waiting for you."  I did as I was told and made my way to my bedroom and open the door to find the room dimly lit with candles and the heavy smell of incense in the air. My husband greeted me wearing a robe and kissed me passionately. We sat by our fireplace in our sitting area and sipped our drinks and talked about the day. Then he asked me if I would like a massage which I will never pass up.... I removed my boots, and my underwear and layed down on our bed. He then massage me for what seemed like forever... it felt SO good.   I let my body go limp and just lay there as he picked up my arms and rubbed them and my legs as he did the same.  I was getting all aroused as his large strong hands passed all over my body now starting to explore other areas which brought me even more pleasure. He massaged my back and then glided his hands down over my *** and between my legs just touching me ever so slightly and then down to my feet. He did this repeatedly and it really started to get me hot.  I could also tell he was getting aroused as my arm which was at my side would be touched periodically by his **** which was getting harder...

As he focused massaging my back I grabbed his **** and started to give him a massage as well.  With me covered in oil he immediately got extremely hard and I continued to stroke his **** now starting to moan as he was focusing on my **** as he knew I wanted more attention. He then climbed onto the bed and got behind me starting to slide his **** between my oiled legs just touching my ***** with the head of his ****. Each time I was getting hotter and he was getting harder. I was sighing at every touch and started to push back onto him pushing my *** into the air. he started to enter me slowly with each thrust until he was penetrating my ***** deeply while I massaged my ****... I asked him, " Lay on top of me and touch my ****." He layed on me as his **** got even deeper in me and slid his strong arms under my body and started to tease my ****.  I was so hot now and was on the verge of climaxing.  My oil covered body shuddered as the first wave hit me and I climaxed with him still touching my **** and penetrating me deeply... he then got up and I pushed my *** into him keeping his **** deep in me...

Then he slowed his pace and started to slide out at which time I started to grind on his **** pushing myself onto it slowly at first and then fast and faster picking up the pace... the volume of my sighs which were now turning into moans... then it happened... his **** popped out and I pushed back onto him but I missed and he partially penetrated my ***. I screamed as it hurt and surprised me because I was pushing so hard in a daze like state. I gasp and continued to push him into my ***... he seem so much bigger then last time.... I screamed, " Ohhhh my god!", as his big hard **** penetrated my *** fully then I started to grind onto him slowly and then quicker. I said, " Lay on top of me again and touch me while you **** my ***!"  He did and brought on a huge rush as I climaxed, and screamed in ecstasy! Then moments later, as he continued to grind deep in me, he let off his load deep in my *** and collapsed on top of me... we were exhausted. He slid out his still hard **** out of my *** *** dripping out.... it felt so weird as he slid out of me... again it bought on a third climax which took over my body as we layed there...

It was one hot passionate night!!!

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I guess massage really works huh?

Nice story!

Love it!! Great story! Thanks for sharing. It has given me ideas for my wife's next Bunko night out with the girls.

I wished my wife would do the same....

This story is arousing. Damn

I love the experience so intimate and passionate I wish it were me

too good & very hot story...

You are a very lucky woman. Keep it up

Great story! i hope that you some more like it.

If that story doesn't get every man and woman in the mood there is something !wrong with them. Sexy and sensual

Wow! Thanks for sharing your hot encounter. It's great to have that fun.

Hot Story, thanks for sharing!

I love giving and getting sexual massages and I love reading massage stories. This one was very good and well written. I have a couple massage stories on my own profile.

what a great story

Excellent story.

That was a lovely experience ........aahhh I wish I was at the giving end after your husband finisghed with you .<br />
Reading the episode , I hardened and balls swollen ,I was ready to spread your *** cheeks and ram the xxxxx inside .<br />
The veins welled out and started pulsating .<br />
The scrotum was hardening as it welled out filling ***.<br />
why dont you gel in?

U guys are always at it. I feel like a virgin now lol

Excellent thanks for sharing!

loved your story, very HOT.

Well A. Love,<br />
You really know how to live. I gave my first anal a simular way. I popped out and in the same motion she was about to *** and she popped in the back door, that sent her over the edge, but she kept grinding and started to enjoy it until she had exploded a third time and I shot my load deep into her bowels! Keep experiencing life!

We really enjoy anal. See some of my stories. Your experience is a great story.

That is so erotic ,your husband is is good to massage you for that length of time .I always start with good intentions but when I get to my wifes *** I end up staying there .That is so hot that you let him **** you in the *** ,he is very lucky man .You are a very pretty woman .

You are a great writer

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

share urr sex picture dear hottest

love to meet up with you and share you with your husband

great story

i like your stories i feel it very nice<br />
tell your opinion about that

Geez, that got me hard. I can only imagine what it did to you. Great story. Lucky husband