Saturday Night

I have had to work Saturdays for the last ten years or so.  A few years ago the kids were around the house quite a bit and it was hard to find quiet, alone time with my wife.  I had always wanted to try a swing club and after a couple of false starts we found one that was couples only on Saturday night.  Most clubs like that would have a very late crowd but this place on Saturday nights would open at 8pm and be full by 9.  It had a bunch of private rooms (and some very public ones) that you could reserve at a set time and keep for an hour.  They supplied towels and condoms.  My wife and I would show up at 8 and usually reserve a room for 11pm.  That gave us 3 hours to dance, watch others play and let our own sexual tension build.  Sometimes we would get so hot we couldn't wait til 11 and had to hope the rooms weren't full at 10 or when we got real bold use one of the public rooms and let people watch.  In which ever case half the fun was the building of the sexual tension.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Feb 26, 2010