This catagory fascinates me alot. My husband is a very loving man but very passive.  From a practical point of view I love feeling his equal and maybe even being a bit of the boss in our marriage. But I am fascinated with the idea of being dominated by a man sexually and would like to explore this type of a relationship. Hubby is turned on by the idea. We would love to hear from a dominant man who is interested in teaching me and showing me what this is all about. In exchange, I'm yours to do with sexually as you please. All that I ask is that hubby be allowed to watch, but not participate. I'm 100% real and serious, please be too.  Hope to hear from somebody.

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Very sexy!

I'm an older Dominant male who would love to fulfill your needs but unfortunately I live too far from you for it to work. However, I would like to hear about your progress. Since your husband is being a voyeur (or your cuck?), make him take photos for him to look at later. You may want him to eat you out later. Sorry I can't help you-it's one of my favorite activities.

I'm guessing that could really work for each of you - any progress?

Sounds good to me! Now if we come up to Ontario is your husband going to keep my wife "happy", too? She is definitely excited about the possibility.

PS, we are a bit older; hope that's ok.

love to join you

so hot add me please

This is something I enjoy doing and I'm pretty good at it. Where in Ontario are you from darling

I would love as a husband for my wife to do this to me all the time. We've tried it a couple times, but lately she's not interested saying she just wants us to be us. It's a shame, i loved being forced to watch and jerk off while only being allowed to suck her toes :( oh well, i hope the rest of you have fun doing this.

My wife likes it rough from her bf to an extent. We aren't into all the sissy stuff or whatever, but she does like me to see him making her his little **** for a while sometimes. We are mostly a pretty normal couple, kind of a "she's the boss" relationship up to a point, and she loves sex with me but she loves being attentive and submissive with him too.

Glad to hear that I'm not alone in this desire. To have my husband watch another man make me come over and over again while he can do nothing more than touch himself. Hell yeah. Sign me up!

Hi, please add us. Feel free to comment on our pics.

great fantasy ke us posted

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Have you had any lessons yet or are you keeping it as a fantasy?

You hubby going love watching the show!!

I am completely up for it..... and close enough to visit. You Game?

I`d love to help you but not living very near to you

Well I can try for you but i don't know where you live so if you want to please message me. I am new to it but I can help you try what you want and I can most certainty dominate you in the bedroom. If you are not pleased the first time I can try again until your husband has an idea of what he might want to do.