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O Its True

Just look at my icon picture! yes i love sexy anime girls!! there is no shame in it. heck i got a friend and she loves anime guys... altho she talks about wanting to marry one of them and everytime she sees the female character that likes him try to get close to him she starts calling her by the "B" word O_o... any who. YAY FoR ANIME GIRLS!!!!! ^_^ 

Krie Krie 22-25 2 Responses Apr 2, 2009

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I do that to with the girls, i kinda see myself as tha guy lol

Lol that's funny...when I like anime guys, I cheer for the girls that try to get close to them...Like I adore Sesshoumaru from InuYasha, but I was still hoping he would like Kagura...I think I channel my adoration for the guys through the girl characters, I'm mentally pretending to be the girl or something...LOL