I Love Womens Feet

I am 26 and live in San Jose CA. and I love women's feet, idk why I do I just do. I sometimes find my self staring at a girls sexy feet and I sometimes imagine me rubbing my **** between her feet. I was 18 and went to a house party my friend invited me to. I get there and I get buzzed kinda quickly and my friends girl cousin who is the same age as me takes me to the guest room and lays me down. She said she will be back in a sec and goes down stairs. I was laying there on the bed wondering why she brought me here. I close my eyes and hear the door close and lock, so I open my eyes to see who it was. I didn't see anyone but I did see a cup of water on the night stand, so I close my eyes again. I feel a tugging on my **** and I open my eyes and see my friends cousin naked on the bed giving me a foot job. I start to quiver from the immense pleasure of her soft soles caressing my ****. she smiles and stops for a moment to suck and lick my **** and then starts again. she then starts playing with herself getting me even more turned on and before I knew it I busted all over her feet. she rubbed my load all over her feet and she looked at me with a smirk. she walks off to the bathroom to clean herself up and I was thinking we were done so I pull my pants back up and stood up. She ran back out and tackled me back onto the bed, ripping my shirt off...and I mean ripping, she pulls my pants down and starts to suck me off till I was hard again. she climbs ontop of me and shoves my **** into her *****, I am ecstatic at thus point, so I flip her over and take control and I start going fast and rough. Her feet were by my face so I started to lick and kiss her feet. when I did this she moaned so loud that the people out side heard and started cheering us on. before I knew it I busted inside her and we both looked at each other and smiled. we laid there for awhile before she left to join the party again. I sat there a little while longer thinking back on what happened, I just had my first foot job and that was the first time I actually initiated on my fetish. I thought the day couldn't get any better but I was wrong it did. leave a comment if you would like to hear the rest of the story =)
Hatiwolf Hatiwolf
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

WoW !! glad to see some real foot lovers on this site...☺

like to hear the rest! you'll remembr your first time forever!