I Love Womens Feet (cont)

So I collect myself and rejoin the party, I instantly start looking for my friends cousin and who do I run into? my friend, just my luck. I ask him if he saw his cousin and he told me she was in the back yard talking to her friend. before my friend could finish talking I walk off to find her. I stop at the sliding door and look at her with a smile. She smiles back at me and waves me over. I walk up to her and she whispers in my ear "I want another round of you ******* on my feet" as she runs her hand down my chest to my ****. I agree of course and we are back in the room. she strips me back down and lays me down on the bed, then there was a knock on the door... oh no my friend found out, I'm a dead man. She opens the door and my heart starts beating fast... turns out it was her friend. She lets her in and closes and locks the door. I automatically know whats going on, she wants to watch. they both get undressed and sit on the bed. my friends cousin starts to lick me till I get hard, she then puts her soft feet on my **** and slowly rubs it gently. her friend touches the tip of my **** and starts to play with her self. then she starts to put her feet on my face and I start to lick and kiss them. I was so turned on and the girls were too. they both stopped and started to lick my **** and then they both rubbed their soft feet over it. I tried to resist, but I busted all over their feet and her friend began to lick the *** off her feet and her friends. they then began to lick my **** clean but I was so sensative that I busted another load. they then insisted on a shower and we all went and took a shower. I started to eat them out and the rubbed their feet on my ****. I can't believe that this is happening, we finish up and dried ourselves off and climbed into bed. the party was still going on, but we tired ourselves out and we crashed out. that day was my first and best foot fetish experience I ever had.
Hatiwolf Hatiwolf
26-30, M
Jan 22, 2013