Kinky Thongs

I have got a fetish for thongs and G-strings, and have a big collection of about 150. I wear thongs as everyday underwear, but I also have some pairs of kinky, way-out thongs. I wear these when I'm meeting a guy for sex or a fellow thong fetishist, and I've also have had a few photo sessions wearing them. Some have shaped pouches to show off your bulge, some have holes for your **** or balls, and some have a sheath for your ****, one with an open end hole to show off the head of your ****. My latest has a hole for the **** and balls to be fed through, then a strap which goes round your shaft and snaps tight, so it holds your erect **** in an upright position. Nedless to say, all these kiny thongs are at their best with an erection.
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2010

I love the feeling of a lace thong

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