Doesn't Get Any Better Than This......

Saying that "I love Sexy Grandmothers" makes it sound like I might be a borderline strange case. That is until you understand that my wife is a GILF, and I do it as often as I can. When people look at her, they are shocked that she has many many grandchildren, and most say she looks at least 10 years younger than she actually is.

While its still nice to look at young ones, I prefer to dream about Grandmas. They are more experienced, more mature, know what they want and less prone to unexpected tangents and complications. They know when to play the role of the Grandma, and when to set all that aside and play the role of the exciting, sexy, experienced GILF. A beautiful, mature, Grandma is my best case dream. Luckily, I get to wake up each morning next one who is naked in my bed as a bonus.

And most of our good friends have reached that stage also.

It just doesn't get any better than this......

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i work around "teens" all day and have been asked how can i stand see all those sexy looking girls ? Well i like WOMEN not girls -women are sexier and have the experiance to drive you wild in bed -girls do not !! They also have the maturity to hold a conversation and can relate to subject matter from my generation or world events -brain stimulation in foreplay to most men my age -and YES the brain is a great sex organ.

cool. send me pics to *** on ok? .

The short answer was it took a long time and a lot of baby steps. Started with out of town trips, then something showing just a little cleavage locally, then something more revealing with a sweater or jacket "just in case". After lots and lots of baby steps, "If she is in the right mood" she will do it now without even being asked. <br />
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I remember recently sitting accross from her in a restraunt recently admiring her lovely chest, and two aquaintences walked up to talk and she didn't even reach to grab the coat. She just sat there calmly and talked to them. It was great.<br />
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As an old friend of mine once told me, the secret to getting what you want from people is.... "gentle presure, relentlessly applied, with lots of praise and rewards for good behavior".<br />
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Good Luck<br />
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How did you get yours to dress sexy in public as I know she is woried about seeing someone shes knows.

Hmmm...I know what you mean. I have a GG-MILF, that would be a Great Grandmother MILF and she is drop dead gorgeous...check the pics on my profile. Even better she became a Hotwife after much encouragement from me and has been shared with three lucky guys over the past 5 years.<br />
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I must agree with WiseOldFool - grannys can really rock and the need not be in a rocking chair!