Satisfying Each Other

I was 9 years old then and I had to visit my grandparents's house.This time my parents were not accompanying me.My Grandma was about 51 then was fair and short and she wasn't that beautiful,she didn't look so old and a  bit chubby probably due to her buttocks but the best thing I liked about her were her breasts.She used to do Gomukhasana(a type of yoga) on a regular basis which is quite effective for breast enlargement naturally.They were quite large comparatively and perfectly round and they were firm.There was a saying in our family that grandma supplied milk to the whole village.I believed it when I was a kid.My Grandpa had 8 children with her,of course with a wife like her anyone could have.She certainly looked 35-40 ish.Her hair was quite long.

I had to stay there for a week.I had to sleep with her in the nights coz i feared sleeping alone.She often wore a blouse(an Indian crop shirt with frontal buttons) and a petticoat which was a type of long loose skirt .It was amazing.She didn't wear any bra and one could see a long cleavage.It was almost a see trough blouse.She always bore her midriff.The house was located in a remote area so no passers by and so she would be comfortable wearing those the whole day.

Two days passed by and on the third night I couldn't resist myself as I saw a love making scene of a movie that day.When we were about to sleep that night.I reached the room earlier than her.Then I got excited and so i removed my T-shirt and shorts and I was in my underwear and I sat on the bed waiting for her.She came in the room wearing a black blouse and a petticoat as usual.But the blouse which she wore that night was comparatively tight.It was looking as if her melons were battling with the blouse to get out of the prison .Seeing that I got an erection.Of course at 8 one would get a tiny erection but she noticed that and smiled at me.In return I too gave her a shy smile.I was very nervous as I thought she would scold me.

She asked me why did I remove my shorts and the T-shirt.I was staring at her melons and so I didn't pay any response.In fact it felt like her nipples were like two eyes staring at me through the blouse.She got the idea about my intentions.I was just watching her t*ts and in some time they came closer and closer to me and in the end they smothering my face.I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was standing before me and made her b**bs  touch my face intentionally by pulling my head towards her.She dangled her breasts around my face.She asked me if I wanted them.I became quite shy and started smiling.She then unbuttoned her blouse and I started licking them.It was like as if a wild animal had got food after a week or so.She asked me to be quiet because grandpa was sleeping in the next room. We locked the doors and windows of the room. She then removed her petticoat and pulled my underwear which I was more than happy to do. I was butt naked and she had her boyshort panties on.

Then she sat on the bed merrily and made me sit on her lap.She knew about the movie scene and so she reminded how they kissed first.So she kissed me on the lips for a while.Then I continued suckling her big b**bs which were as soft and smooth as silk.Even she was enjoying it .She was caressing my derriere And with my permission she then started playing with my penis.Even I was feeling good.It was good licking and feeling those breasts.She then turned around and lay on her breasts.I started kissing and caressing her back right from the top till her butt.

I was feeling great.In the end we slept cuddling each other with my face between those two monsters.So practically she was bored with her sex-life and I wanted to know what b##bs tasted like and so it was basically satisfying each other's needs..We woke up the next day early before Grandpa woke up.We promised each other not to tell anyone about this incident.
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Awesome story. Hope you were able to keep that bond going for a long time.

nice did u ever get a chance to **** her as you got older