Massage For A Grandmother

A year or two ago I posted an advert on a local site offering my services as a massuer, as I had had quite a bit of experience over the years and know how to work the muscles. I was contacted by a guy from a town a few miles away wanting me to massage his wife, while he watched. He wanted me to make it an erotic massage, but didn't want his wife to know. We arranged a date and i suggested that we met at a bar just round the corner for a drink, to get to know each other and to relax her a little, as she might be nervous. We met up and chatted away about the weather, holidays etc and got on just great. They were both in their early 60's, both grandparents, but she was still a very attractive lady. I could tell she was probably a stunner in her early years. Then we went back to my apartment where i had set up the bedroom with candles, subdued music and lots of warmth! Whilst he and i chatted more, she (Pam) went into the bedroom to undress and lay face down with the towel over her bum.

Her hubby checked on her and called me in to say she was ready. Hubby sat and watched as I started slowly massaging her back, shoulders and arms, before moving down to her legs and feet, getting into a gentle rhythm, my hands flowing over her skin, thumbs seeking out the knots in her muscles. She had a lovely body, quite firm and very good skin. Getting more adventurous, my hands moved up her thighs in circular motions, moving higher and higher under the towel, until i felt my finger tips brushing her *****. She didn't move, so i carried on, applying a bit more pressure on each upstroke. She gave out a little sigh and her husband gave me a smile and a nod!. After a few more minutes, i suggested she turn over and she had no hesitation in doing so, exposing her naked breasts to me, but keeping the towel over her middle. I applied more oil and slowly massaged her shoulders and neck, from above her head, before letting my hands run over her breasts, getting closer to her erect nipples each time. For her age, her breasts were really quite firm, to the extent that i thought she might have had some work done, but hubby told me after that they were all natural. Once i started to go over her nipples, i heard her give out a small moan, so i worked them between my fingers, teasing and stretching them (not good massage technique, I know, but we were startring down a different road by this point!).

I noticed that hubby now had his **** in his hand, so I asked if I could get more comfortable by stripping off, which Pam readily agreed to. Once naked, I carried on massaging her front from my position above her head, reaching right down over her tummy and moving my hands under the towel. In return, I felt her hand on my now very hard ****, as it hovered close to her face, then i felt her lips kissing it and licking it.

I asked if she would like some special attention to her *****, which she very quickly agreed to, so i removed the towel, got by her side and spent the next ten minutes or so gently, sensuously massaging round her *****, which was shaved almost completely bare, with just a small tuft above, before moving my fingers very lightly over her ****, down her very wet slit and round again and again.... She parted her legs further and i moved my face closer, until it was just inches from her very hot sex... she felt my breath on her exposed *****, my tongue made the gentlest contact with her ****..again and again, before my lips met her lips, my tongue drove inside her, her hips arched, she moaned out loud and her body spasmed into ****** as her hubby watched on.

We spent the next two hours making love, the three of us. He is bisexual, so Pam encouraged him to suck my **** and vice versa. I ended up coming deep inside Pam's sweet ***** as hubby came all over her breasts.

She was such a sexy lady, all the better for her age and life-knowledge, lost inhibitions and desire to squeeze the best out of life.

Hoping to see them again soon.
artman2 artman2
51-55, M
Dec 15, 2011