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i have had the pleasure of being with a few woman over 50 (not at the same time) and i must

say that the experience they have tends to trump a younger girl. they don't have as much bullshit it seems and they know what they want and how to do it. one time in my lower 20s i was helping a widow out that was about 60-63. it was in florida

during the summer so the heat really bothered her after in long term doses it probably did not help that she mostly lived in the NE most of her life also. i did stuff mostly like
mowing the yard and some weeds and shrubs, but also noticed some minor fix-it stuff around the house. dripping faucet, crack in drywall, easy stuff, nothing to brag about. after the 3rd or so visit in a month. when i was finished i asked about the jacuzzi in the corner. i noticed it was always covered and looked dusty. i know that if you do not keep up on them they go. i was wondering if it was trashed and needed to be removed or if it had some water trapped in it and it might be mildewy... she said she somewhat kept up with it but now she was not sure of the exact condition. she said if i knew anything about them and i could do a check up on it and get it going that would be great. she would add a little bit more reimbursement if needed. i looked at it and turned on. it worked but seemed a little off. the water needed to be better taken care of and something was clogging an intake probably. i would be back next weekend with tools to really check it.

the next weekend i did one or two things and then attacked the tub. i drained it, snaked a jet or two and fund a red string bikini top stuck in the intake. made sure nothing was in the pump. refilled it, primed it, put new chemicals and scrubbed the walls a little for hard water and body oil and lotion build up. gave her some instructions for the week to run it , treat it, monitor it. i would be back next weekend to mow and check it, but it should be good in a few days.

back again. i look at it it looks and smells good. i go to the garage to get the mower. she asks if i have to run off after i mow. she said she would like to share what she is cooking because of all i have done for her and it is not uncommon for us to chat for an hour after my working on stuff. so i mowed and cleared part of the yard of palm tree debris. when i was done, she offed i try the tub after i wash off the sweat, she said she used it yesterday and it was great. sure i'll test my handiwork. she offered me a pair of swim trunks and said it was her late husbands but he never used them. they looked brand new. i soaked for a half hour and then she said the chicken was done. i got out we ate on the screen patio. she mentioned she got a new CD with some good saxophone work on it and put it on in the background. she often has some smooth jazz playing when i come over, no biggie i liked it too. we chatted in the patio chairs for a while, then i helped her clear the table and put dishes in the sink. i helped her with the kitchen a little and she shoos me out and tells me to get in the tub again she has a great drink and dessert that is best in the jacuzzi. i told her i had no plans earlier all night when she asked and it was just 7ish still. no prob. so i hop back in and put the jet on its lowest quietest setting.

she pops back out about 10 minutes later with a wine bottle bottle and some cheesecake with fruit around it. the diner was small, so dessert would be nice. now i don't have to go to taco bell to finish dinner when i leave. she gets in the tub and pulls off the sarong she had on most of the day and then sits down. she still has a bathing suit and t-shirt on. she pours the wine out of the bottle into the two glasses, then offers me one. we chat about the music and accidentally ignore the cake. she mentions a group or two performing in the next few weeks and invites me to go with her and see some other peoplle into the music and some of her friends. i am interested. she talks about those are pretty much the only people she really socializes with and is glad that i could be someone else outside her circle that she could talk to. she also thanked me for doing all that i do around her house and not charging me so much like a general contractor. which is true the largest amount of money she ever gave me was for a replacement part. i never took more a twenty or two. i really just covered gas and taco bell on the way from there and maybe had 5 bucks for beer in the end. but i couldn't really take her money. it was almost more like helping a friend out in tough times.

anyways, we end up killing the bottle. we must have been talking for an 1.5-2 hours and we still ignored the cheesecake. she gets up to put the bottle away and i am thinking it is time to go, but i have had at least 1/2 to 2/3rds of a wine bottle i should not drive. not that i can or can't but i can't afford a DUI and i always play it safe with alcohol. she comes back with another bottle. i tell her i can't, not to open it, i have to drive. she says nonsense i can use the spare room to lay down for the night. she hops in and opens the bottle. we have another glass. why not. i am feeling good right now and i am rolling with it. we chat for another 20 minutes and she mentions there hasn't been a man in the house to keep up with things for years and thank you for filling that role for a little bit. slightly odd, but i say no problem just helping out. she also says thank you for finding her bathing suit top. she pulls off her shirt and there is the little triangle bikini top i fished out of the intake. she is a petite figure but i figured it was her daughter's or a granddaughter's. she actually looks pretty good in it. she still swims for exercise and she is not wrinkly and grandma-ish as a twenty year old would think about.

she tells me that since i have been filling in as the man around the house so much i should also be able to reap the benefits of performing other services befitting of the man of the house. i am stunned and i know my face displays it. i don't know what to say. she tells me that she would like me to do some "pipe work" for her and she would appreciate a regular maintanance schedule for this. still shocked and just wanting to have her verify again with her making the first gesture again. i ask her which pipes she had in mind? she leans in and kisses me on the lips and then straddles me by standing on the bench part i am sitting on, her feet on either side of me. this pushes the small red bikini bottom about 7 inches from my face and she says this is the next project i want you on. i can see that she is very shaved under the small red triangle that is tightly hugging her cleft. i am also getting quite hard now too. my brain is a little worried about this but my crotch is trying to jump out my shorts and crawl into her little camel toe.

she steps down into the center portion of the tub that is the lowest so now my face is at level with her chest. the red triangles that cover her breasts are not quite big enough to cover the whole breast. she has got to be a B to C cup but it looks like she got a 10 year old's bikini top so that she could purposely spill out of it. the bottom of her breasts are not held or supported by the top. they hang out from underneath the fabric. she brushes my crotch and feels my hard-on. she says, "someone wants to see one of these knots undone". she is referring to the knots found on each side of the bikini bottom and the tie in the back of the top. "just remember that if you untie any of these knots that i expect you regularly service what is underneath and this will not interfere with our previous arrangements. ok." i tell her, ok. my hand slowly goes for a knot on the side of her hip. she puts a her hand on mine an guides it to the knot. i grasp the string. her sides are held on by a simple bowtie knot. one good tug of either of those two loose strings and her bikini would fall from that hip. she tells me, "i have enjoyed you being a man in my house again, i want to enjoy you being a man in me. all you have to do is pull this one string and i am yours. i am starting to tremble with decision. i pull on the string. the knot is undone and i can see the pubic mound an where the split starts. i tell her i don't like to do anything half-assed so i undo the other knot and comment that can now see her full beautiful ***. i pull the bottom from her and i next undo her top's knot in the back. i throw the suit away from the tub and let her know that i don't want to pull it out from the tub again.

i stand up and she pulls my shorts off and tosses them too. she fondles my crotch and tells me that she has been thinking about getting a hold of this "thing" for a few days now. i ask her what are you going to do once you have it? "lick it, suck it, worship it, submit to it." then she proceeded the orally please me. after some oral i licked her **** and massaged her buttocks. sitting in the tub, i used my hands on her butt to guide her ***** to my mouth. i use my fingers and tongue to stimulate her **** and vagina. after some time (15 minutes?) she is moaning "oh god, oh god" and thick slimy juice is leaking into my mouth. in a minute a more watery juice is now quickly filling my mouth and she is having a slow seizure. then she just bursts out in a big AAAAGGGHH!!!!

she nearly falls off of my head and kisses me. she slips her tongue in my mouth and says i know you got bit of me in there let me taste. we french kiss with big tongue and throw her *** around our mouths. we then both wash our mouth out with wine and she tells me that she needed that. we clean up the tub and the kitchen. then we both rollinto her shower. we wash each other off. she asks if i sleep naked or would want some shorts or something. she tells me she would prefer me naked that way she can look at all of me. works for me. i tell her i want her naked too though. she hesitates but agrees. she walks over to the bed and i follow behind her. she leans over and pulls the sheets. i grab her hips and rub my **** against her *****. i tell her that i didn't get to use my best tool on her plumbing. she asks if i think it'll make a difference. i tell her yes. i penetrate her doggystyle and rub her nipples with my hand. after some time i tell her that she licked it, suck it and probably worshipped it earlier... i want her to submit to it. she said "yes, i want to." "want to what?" "submit to your **** damn it!" ok i said and pulled out and guided her on the bed on to her back and pulled her legs up while on my knees i plowed her. i made her moan lightly for a while and then she screamed a litte and started bucking. i kept in her and thrusting. i was holding on for life it seemed and she finally stopped and was real mellow. finally a minute after that i came. we showered and used the bed in another room for the night. we both passed out tired and happy.

for months i still helped out around the house and also provided the male comfort she liked. i only worked on the weekends but i visited on the weekdays then too. we got closer and did things together. we even went to the toy/**** store together. we picked up some toys and clothing for fun. she liked to model swimwear and lingerie for me. i liked to watch and peel it off. she gave some of the best head i ever had. she also gave great handjobs too. she had good sexual appetite and could hang in with any 20 something on stamina. she loved to watch me ***. the further i could squirt the better. i was pleased that she was ready to go over and over throughout the day.
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