Agnes, Auntie’s friend, was one of those gorgeously large ladies with a shapely figure. Her bust was huge, but she retained a waistline, and gorgeous legs. When you met her in town, it seemed she always wore a suit, and blouse with a high neck line and almost always a strict expression. So disappointingly there were no glimpses of cleavage, for a young lad, but I found always that there was a aura of something sexual about her.
She and Aunty spent a lot of time together, talking lady talk, but always stopped when I came near, and would disappear up stairs for what seem like ages. It was some time before I suspected something was going on between them, and that was enough for my inquisitive nature. On the occasion of Agnes’s next visit, I pretended to go into the garden, after 5 mins I sneaked back into the house and crept up the stairs quietly as I thought. I could hear them talking and as I crept closer. the bedroom door suddenly opened and aunty beckoned into the room.
Agnes was sitting on the bed wearing just a large platform bra with most of her huge breasts overflowing with their big purple nipples pointing straight at me, a OBG beneath a pair of almost transparent directoire knickers which, like my aunt’s were open fronted. What made them unbelievably horny was that they appeared to be slightly too small for her ample figure. As a result they were stretched firmly around her thighs, and more importantly over her Mount of Venus. The split gusset which was bordered with lace framed the folds of her vulva. She smiled and opened her legs in the most slutty way, inviting me to come closer and saying she hoped I would enjoy satisfying her as much as I did my aunty.
My Aunty explained with a pout, she had told Agnes about our times together and how eager I was to please her. When she removed her dressing gown, aunty was wearing just a shiny flesh coloured corselet over which she wore her silk directoire knickers. But there poking through the split gussett was a plastic penis attached to a rubber harness worn beneath her corselet. She explained that it was just in case my curiosity did not get the better of me.
Agnes invitingly opened her legs even further and slid a damp finger into her slit, I did not need any further invitation , kneeling before her I buried my head between her silky warm white thighs thrusting my face into her mound, lapping her juices as fast as I could. I was in heaven, I then became aware that Aunty was gently oiling my penis and balls letting her finger slip into my anus and massage my prostate. She whispered that it was ok for a lady to do this as it would make me *** even harder.
I’m not sure how we all became involved in pleasing each other all at the same time, Agnes lying on her back, with me, head between her legs, licking and sucking on her monster ****. It was almost an inch long and fat, oh how fat, just like a mini penis, I fell in love with it there and then, and It was then I decided that mature ladies would be my only real love. As I enjoyed myself, Aunty was kneeling astride Agnes’s face, who in turn was munching away at aunties slot. Whilst she intern massaged my penis, balls and anus. We were all moaning and writhing together until it seem we would explode, suddenly I started to tremble, deep down inside, as the sensation grew I understood that Aunty and Agnes were experts in all matters of sex. I exploded with such force, my *** sprayed all over Agnes’s ****, bra, and directoire knickers. At the same moment I felt Agnes push her face up into Aunties mound, and I enveloped Agnes’s huge shiny pink **** and sucked as hard as I could. It was as though we all knew the exact second to give each other a simultaneous climax.

Afterwards as I lay there between my two sexy ladies stroking all that silky underwear I decided something else, next time I would ask them both to dress me in some of their lingerie. I Knew just like Auntie’s oily prostate massage, it was perfectly ok in the company of Highly Sexed Experienced Mature Ladies Only.
But that of course would be another tale.
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Jan 1, 2013