I've Been Eyeing..

...the animal print bras and undies lately. They'd be such a change from my usual practical stuff I wear while at my foodservice job.

My quandary right now is how to keep it hidden. My parents DO NOT need to know. I want to feel sexy, but I live with the folks out of necessity.

Any ideas on how to deal?
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I would say buy them and don't be bashful about it. The moment anybody says anything about it, you are to march to your room and change into said underwear, then parade back to the table wearing just the undies! Trust me on this, they will never say anything again! ;-)

Oh I don't know...I think my dad would be far less judgmental than my mom. She has, for some reason, a thing against animal prints...not an "animal rights' thing, just I get this vibe from her (without her saying anything) that she either thinks animal prints are either stupid or "slutty." Just from the way she talks about them. And herein lies my challenge: to not worry about what she thinks--just buy the dang underwear and let the chips fall where they may if she sees them.

For me, they will be part of my inspiration to lose weight and feel sexy FOR MYSELF...

Another alternative to Caff Cat's suggestion is to get your own PO box and have sexy things delivered there! You are talking to someone who lived with his parents til the age of 32. I know the routine....

Well, I want to move out, so acquiring more things--especially clothing--doesn't make sense for me at the moment. One set, maybe two...but any more than that? Ehh...I can get more stuff once I'm in my own place. Good suggestion, though. :-)

Yeah, PO boxes are very cheap, considering. Just be sure to tear that address off before bringing it into the house! Lol

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That's tough but I know how strong the lingerie/dressing urge can be