I Purchased My First Few Pairs Of Panties

They should be arriving tomorrow or in a few days. They're all pink or white with lace. I'm excited and nervous lol. My friend and sister are helping me get some clothes for the girl me and you have to start somewhere after all right?

Looking forward to it. :)
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5 Responses Dec 8, 2012

That's really sweet of her I'm glad you have such good friends yay my wife said shed help me go pick out some stuff tonight I'm excited

Its nice when people support you right now I ve been wearing my wifes and sister in laws clothes but I really wanna get some I can call my own

Go for it! There's zero shame when they're your own pair! My friend even gave me two pairs for christmas and I hugged the crap out of her.

I bought my own pairs and now I love them!! VS Lace thongs. I want to try the seamless ones. But I want to see more colors before I select another pair for me. I'm still slightly shy about going to VS on my own, and shy to say no, it's for me! ^ ^# I wish more females see and understand that it's not how you dress on the outside that matters ( yet it's does to too many ) but what really comes from the inside that really counts.

You go girl :)

Well, there we go. I'm wearing one of my three pairs and some stockings over them under my pants. I'm sad to say one of the three doesn't seem to fit very well, but the other two are ok for now. It does feel quite incomplete however. Totally need some pumps and a skirt for this ensemble. Unfortunately I'm not quite in girl mode atm. If I were, this would feel way more appropriate.

Yes, I am very grateful to live in this time and in the very diverse and liberal state of NJ. My friends and family are lovely and smart.