I Am Getting Ready For You

Judging an older woman like me, for the life she chooses to live it's silly and non-sense.
So don't waist your precious time and energy, and go preach to the youngest lost souls, if your job is of a preacher man lol...

Mean time, would you like if Isabellaaa decides to get her own website?
I only charge so that we can both feel more value to what I have in store for you.

Well, I am planing and planing....and to just see you I would go very far if you like to see me too.

So leave me a comment, you don't need to hide, just let me know if one day you would like me to give you my website address to see my lingerie collection...Let me freely know about your crazy expectations too...lol

Please, give me all the details you like about this crazy future, potential fantasy between you........and me on webcam together.

This is how it works, once you enter the site, you will buy one of my pic. as an instant download, the cost will be different for different prospective♥ (But we'll talk first)

I wait to hear from you honey bunny, sugar pie, old roster, cream puff!!!♥
Isabellaaa Isabellaaa
51-55, F
7 Responses Jan 22, 2013


gr8 pic hun

U are seriously sexy hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, Isabellaaa, you're sexy. I love your pic. if you want to do web cam sex or whatever on your webcam you go for it. I love a woman who isn't afraid to show off or explore her sexuality.

You are gorgeous...I truly hope you will please add me...I want to know more and more about you.

A very beautiful picture of a beautiful woman

dont you think you need love first !

i haven't found it a 100 % yet but maybe u can

Love is in the air baby ♥