Wonderfully Sexy

In asking women if they would like to see a man in male lingerie I have found out that women generally don't want a man in anything, naked is how they like us....  However they seem to be more worried about how or what the man in thinking when he sees her in lingerie,

Is he going to like it?

Is he going to compliment her on the effort of her catching his eye with it?

Personally I love looking at pics with lingerie in them, I can say as to why but think that I will keep that to me.

Love the ladies that take the effort to find and wear such sexy outfits and look great for their men....




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5 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I would much rather see some one in women's clothes than I would want to see them naked. Why would any one want to be naked when there are women's clothes on sale everywhere?

I always wear lingerie and my wife likes to see that , so I will continue to do so , if nothing else for our enjoyment.

I have lots oof it

LOL!!!!! He pulled it off well....

Beautiful pics!!! :-) <br />
<br />
Nude is sexy!!!! The only man I want to see in lingerie is Tim Curry in Rocky Horror :-) hehehe!