Women Change

It has been my experience that once women become 55 they tend to start dressing differently, they start hiding their sexuality. In some women this starts as early as 40. It is so said to see 40 something women hide their sexuality. I have always felt that women starting at fourty has reached the mature point that they should be comfortable with their body. To me this is the time are their most beautiful.
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I am in my mid 40's. My last girlfriend lover was 50. We are in different cities and the long distance thing didn't work too well. But it was the first time I'd dated a 50 year old woman, and I can say it was one of the most comfortable relationships I've had - in every way. I find mid 40's woman pretty fantastic too though. Ahh hell, who am I kidding, I find most woman fascinating and sexy. <br />
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It's interesting ,,, my mother is 84 and I watch her spirit grow younger every year, my dad is nearly 90 and I watch him grow older every year. My parents separated shortly after their 60th anniversary. They now live across the hall from each other, see each other every day, and both agree it has been one of the better times in their life together.

I think it's often around 50. That's the age they are likely to get a divorce, then end up being hot and horny. I've known a few like that.<br />
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Men don't want their woman to change. Women hope their man will.

Ok guys, here is a womans pov. I think we start to question our attractiveness, sexuality, whatever you wish to brand it around the 40ish mark, therefore sort of hiding out becomes our way to cope. Hiding under the clothes, the work, whatever is easier than accepting our aging. There however comes a time when we fi nally regain our senses and say damn, I am ok as I am and I want the world to know it. We find our old, modified groove if you will and sort of reemerge as more confident, more sexually comfortable, happier women once again. At least thats my life.

I could not agree more. Women look so beutiful and sexy as they get older. It not just their apperance but the way they dress, walk and talk. They oose confidence and maturity. That inits self is a turn on.<br />
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But older women hold therselves with grace and may I say pasion.<br />
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So come on girls dont hid away because life hits 40 something. Parade with joy and confidence and the thought that there are many admireres out there.<br />
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