Love Them..

A sexy mature woman know's just how to handle herself and how to handle a man... She know's what she want's she know's what to do with it when she get's it.... My First time was at 18.... it was with an older woman and I absolutley loved it..... Now the older woman is my age but you know the great thing about that is I guess I have now had enough time to be able to please the older woman and maybe if I am lucky and have learned all that I have been shown be able to please her... a sexy mature woman is not something to triffle with she is to be handled like a glass slipper, I have to find the foot she fit's, seek out what make's her tick and then unleash my knowlage onto her and hope that that I have been paying attention........ :)
jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
41-45, M
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

Great experience