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Her First Bbc

If you have read our previous story “First Hotwife Experience” you will know that my wife and I had talked for a long time about sharing her with a black guy, yet our first experience was with a white man. It was a good experience indeed, but even as we were catching our breath after the experience, Rachel still thought there would be more excitement when she experienced her first bbc.
As we continued our search, we were pretty sure the right guy would be a stranger. She had several black guys she knew at work who were constantly flirting with her, but she was so concerned about others finding out. But she did like the attention, and it was obvious that black guys found her very attractive, and vice versa.
Shortly after the first encounter we wrote about, Rachel and I traveled to Atlanta, and stayed at a downtown hotel. We were there for a few days just for fun – a little shopping and some good dining.
On the second night, after having a wonderful meal at a restaurant, we returned to the hotel and entered the rather large bar in the hotel lobby for another drink. The place was hopping, but we found a table. As we sipped our drinks, Rachel and I began playing the game of looking around and asking each other if a man or woman seemed hot. For the most part, my wife and I know what appeals to each other. There were some black guys in the bar, but nothing that Rachel was drooling over.
And then, as if right on cue, in walks a black Adonis. This guy was about 6’3”, 220, probably 35 years old, dressed in a suit with the whitest crisp shirt you will ever see. With his rather dark skin the contrast just played upon our desire for interracial contrast. He really was a good looking black man.
I looked at Rachel and she was just staring at him, as if in shock. She was wearing a light colored dress and no bra, and I swear I could see her nipples swell as the seconds ticked by. She then looked at me, said that if that guy has any personality at all, he is the one. He is the one that is going to be my first big black ****.
We kept watching him to see if he was with anybody, and he took a seat at the bar by himself. Of course, as most men do, once they find a seat and get their drink, they start scanning the crowd. As he continued to scan the crowd, his glance finally made its way toward us. Once he and Rachel made eye contact, their eyes locked on like nothing else mattered. Rachel loves to flirt with men that she is interested in whereby when their eyes meet, she is never the first to look away. Evidently this man played the same game. After probably ten seconds, but seemed like ten minutes, Rachel smiled and he did too.
At that point Rachel and I were ready for a new drink, so I got up and went over to the bar and ordered our drinks, and I introduced myself to our hopefully new friend. After telling me his name, Marcus immediately told me what a beautiful wife I had. As our drinks came, I invited Marcus to join us at our table if he wanted to. He jumped at the chance.
Rachel seemed very excited that Marcus was following me to our table, and as I introduced her, he reached over and gave her a small kiss on her neck. Hell I thought she was going to ****** just from that, and I swear her nipples grew ever so slightly more. This could get really good. Our table had a cushioned seat that formed a semi circle around the table. Marcus took a seat on the other side of Rachel, so that she was in the middle. We made small talk about why we were there, and he was there on business and staying at the hotel. As we got to know this great guy, I couldn’t help myself to think that this is how I imagined getting into this kind of sexual lifestyle would be. I found as our conversation continued, Marcus had a lot to say, and thus Rachel’s head was turned toward him most of the time. Occasionally when she would turn back toward me and we made eye contact, she would make this face like “I gotta have this guy.”
Although it sounds like I planned it this way, I really did have to use the restroom and excused myself. I felt comfortable leaving the two of them, but I knew that based on what happened as I described in our first story, the conversation would probably get more heated with me gone.
Not wanting to return TOO fast, I took my time going to the restroom, even walked around the lobby a bit to give them a few extra minutes. When I walked to the table, I scoped out what they were doing from a long way away, before they could see me coming. His arm was around Rachel, and one of her hands was on the table and one was not. She told me later that she was rubbing thru his pants leg, the biggest and warmest **** she had ever felt. As I approached a bit nearer, Marcus saw I was coming, and in a cocksure way, kept his arm around my wife. Not that I cared, but I knew then that Marcus had all of the confidence in the world.
After I sat down and a few minutes later our drinks were low, Marcus invited us to his room. Rachel looked at me for consent, and of course I accepted his offer. As we left the table, Marcus stood up first and offered his hand to Rachel quickly so that she could get up on his side. But as we walked toward the elevator, she held my hand with the most energetic grip she could. I whispered in her ear, “congratulations, you are about to get your first black ****.” She whispered back, “I know, and it’s huge.”
As we got to his room and he made us all another drink, I sat down in one of the two chairs, Rachel sat on the bed, and Marcus sat in the other chair. In a bold move, he then asked Rachel to sit on his lap, which she accepted. I then watched as the two of them started to caress and kiss a bit. Rachel told me later that when I went to the restroom, and they talked about the possibility of all of this happening, that I would be fine with anything the two of them wanted to do, and didn’t need to ask for permission.
As they continued to kiss and massage each other’s chests, it was then that I finally saw thru his pants the outline of just a humongous ****. Looked kind of like a paper towel roll shoved down his pants. Rachel’s hand finally made its way down there, and the beauty of her fingers and her red painted fingernails forming the outline of his **** was just a huge turn-on.
After a few minutes, she finally got off of his lap, getting down on her knees, and asked Marcus to stand. She unzipped his pants, reached in to pull out his ****, and we were both amazed at its size as she pulled it out. Biggest **** either of us had ever seen in person, and rivaled anything we had seen in our IR movies. It was easily 11”, and could have been bigger than that, and very thick, with a nice head. It had two huge veins running down the length of it. I thought to myself no wonder he can get so much blood down there. At Rachel’s pretty hands caressed it and started to stroke it, his size really came into perspective. First of all, this was definitely a two hander, and yet you could still see plenty of it left. And secondly, there was no way her fingers could encircle even two thirds of the girth. Rachel put her pretty red lips to the tip, and then proceeded to perform the most seductive blow job I have ever seen. She alternated her eyes, looking up at him occasionally, closing them as if in heaven, and sending glances my way as well. It’s as if she had rehearsed for this day for a long time. Rachel could always take a lot down her throat, but his girth was keeping her from taking more than 6 inches. But she was performing beautifully, and Marcus was occasionally making some moaning sounds. Here she was, sucking on her first bbc not but about 3 feet from my face, and the three of us are in ecstasy.
Rachel then got up, pulled her dress over her head, and revealed her perfect body. She kept her heels and ankle bracelet on, as well as her other jewelry, and helped Marcus take the rest of his clothes off, as if she was opening a present. Rachel and I commented later that he really did have a wonderful body with great muscles and physique. His *** was as solid as a rock, but that **** was just unbelievable.
Before she got on the bed, Rachel came over to me and said feel my *****. I rubbed a finger across her **** and inserted it, and I have to say I have never felt Rachel so wet. She even quivered as I did so. Damn, she is going to have multiple ******* tonight for sure.
Rachel laid down on the bed, and Marcus pulled her feet to position her body closer to the end of the bed, spread her legs, and started to kiss and caress her legs, starting at her ankles and working his way up. You could certainly tell this was not Marcus’ first rodeo, and while knowing that Rachel was already turned on beyond compare, still wanted it to be a magical night. By the time Marcus’ tongue reached her *****, the first flew flicks sent her into orbit. She then asked him to turn his body so that they could 69 while her licked her ***** and ****. That too was an amazing sight to see as it looked like his **** was twice the size of Rachel’s head.
Once they had 69ed for a while, Marcus got up, kissed my wife on the mouth with incredible intensity for a few minutes, and then made his way to the end of the bed. With a big black **** resembling an arm instead of a ****, he slowly pushed the head into my wife’s *****. The feeling I had at that time was one of pure ecstasy, and based on Rachel’s reaction, her too. Since Marcus knew he has great size, he took it slow, making sure that Rachel would not have any pain. Of course the slowness make the pleasure even more intense. Rachel can take the length no problem, since we have done that with several of her ******. But I don’t think any of these ****** had the girth of Marcus.
As he picked up his intensity, Rachel began to have her next ******, and put her hands on his *** to pull him in as far as he could go. What a beautiful sight at Rachel’s very sexy hands and fingers pulling his muscular black *** into her body. Her was now in all of the way, and Rachel’s eyes could tell the story. He was now continuing his thrusts all the way and repeating it like a well oiled piston. The thought occurred to me that I would love to have this on camera, but then again realized there was no way I would forget this vision. As Rachel’s intense ****** subsided, Marcus pulled out and asked Rachel to get onto her hands and knees for doggie style. With her beautiful **** swaying back and forth, Marcus then entered her again and began his thrusts. Damn, this guy knows what he is doing. With an occasional slap on her ***, and the constant thrusts, Rachel looked like she was about to have another big ******, and Marcus’ thrusts and breathing indicated he was about to do the same. In what can only be described as poetry in motion, the two of them reached an unbelievable climax together, emitting sounds out of their throats that I had never heard before. What an intense explosion of sexual pleasure. With sweat pouring from his forehead, Marcus slowed down his thrusts to the point of pulling out, Rachel turned over, and the two of them laid there, with sweaty bodies and intense satisfaction on both of their faces. They then hugged, started kissing between breaths, and took in what just happened. I felt like standing and applauding both of them, but that would have ruined the mood.
As we all three started to regain our senses, I said that was the most unbelievable sight I had ever seen. Rachel said it was the most unbelievable **** and most intense ******* she had ever had, and Marcus smiled and said that Rachel was a sexual dynamo and that we need to swap numbers and emails and make a trip to Atlanta part of a regular thing. As the two of them laid there and Marcus’ erection went down a bit, I was still amazed at how big he was.
As the two of them still kissed and giggled, I made my way to Rachel’s ***** and used my tongue. I could not believe how much *** there was, even after seeing an incredible sized wet spot on the sheets. While French kissing with a sexy black man that had just given the most incredible sex ever, and her loving hubby using his tongue on her *****, believe it or not, Rachel had another, albeit smaller ******. I then stuck my **** in her very well lubed and stretched *****, and after about five thrusts I came in a huge explosion, at least for me.
As we left, we exchanged contact information, and went to our room. Worn out from incredible sex, we fell asleep together, and for the first time, not having to dream about what it was going to be like for my wife to have her first big black ****. What an incredible night.

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