Makes Me Wonder


 My mind wanders when I look at women passing by. I see the movement of their body under their clothes.

And I wonder how passionate they may be. Would they like a good F***?

My mind really wanders. :)

Their passion, their knowledge the more you give them the more they want.

I love it. makes me horny just thinking about it.


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my wife dresses very conservatively generally, but underneath she can be very sexually passionate, and in her thongs...oh my god!

Do I get to see for myself?

you certainly aree WIB, mmm love the taste. :)<br />
<br />
you get better and better.

I'm with Dorothy on this one PT ... we're like fine wine ... come take a sip ... lol

Snowy, that's exactly i how i feel about mature women. they have had it in so many diffrent ways that they know what they want from their man or their men. :)

Dorothy experience means so much.

PTMAN- what a great story! Yes mature women are very sexy, most of us know what we want and are not afraid to explore with their partner.

More satisfying - EXACTLY!! Glad you realize that guys!! : ) hee hee!

PTMAN my thoughts exactly................

i agree with you lamp, but for some reason there are days that i also love the young ones. :) but do very much prfer the older more satifying woman you might say. one with the knowledge.

For all the previously mentioned reasons, older women are by far the best.<br />
<br />
As I've gotten older I find women my age so much more confident in their desires, much more multifaceted, and easier to really communicate with. Then again, as they've aged and gotten so much better, could it be that I have too?

We will have to wait and see if you are a good kitty!! (I am incorrigible!)

yes it is, so i'm guessing that's a no to the number ha? lol

And thus my point is proven - I don't even have to BE with you to get you going! ; )

damm girl, give me your number. you got me all revved up here. :)

Oh, PT - us older women - we have it over the younger women hands down. As said many months ago, we have the experience, the knowledge, the confidence that can only come with living life and with growing older. We also have unfulfilled desires and expectations that are just bubbling beneath the surface waiting for someone to release all of it...<br />
<br />
I just know that I am more than I ever was when I was younger, and it will be a good thing some day for some lucky man - LOL!! ; )

they do have that advantage of knowledge. but a young agressive woman can also be a whole lotta fun. :)

Trust me older women are better lovers and I am not just talking about sex either. They have a good head on them and they know about life and what they want plus they are there own woman. They have thoughts and feelings that they will share with you. Yes I love older women!

so what are you saying granny, that she should move on? lol

me, me, me. LostInTheWoulds you need to go to another one of my stories while the Pix does her thing. hehe.

I'd gladly check both of you gentlemen out! Who'd like to go first?

LostInTheWoulds that makes two of us. i need some checking out sometimes myself. it's good for the ego you know. lol

granny, you have to mop up behind me is she's 20 or 80. lol i do not discriminate because of age. hehe i am an equal opportunist. lol

i won't say a word lily promise. you must know that not many people read my postings. lol <br />
<br />
and if you need any help you know where to find me. hehe

well wonder no more honey, here is my pic. lol <br />
<br />
i'm sure women do as much as men.

I'm always wondering about men... I'm always thinking about how big men are... hehehe!!!!

i'm sure they are definately thinking about how good your in bed, are you wearing any panties. will she give a good blow job. there are many things i'm sure.

Sometimes I wonder what men are thinking when they see me on the street... sometimes they aren't thinking anything about me, I'm sure. But if they stare a little too long, even if they don't smile or say anything, is there a good chance that they're thinking about what kind of **** I am? I like to think so, because a lot of the times that's what I'm thinking, but I'm sort of nieve for my age... thought I should ask some guys instead of guessing :)

thanks huh?

Let me tell you about older women, especially older women whose husbands have died or who divorced after many years of marriage, or who have experienced a physical trauma such as a mastectomy. Many of these women (probably not a majority, but many) are eager to be validated as worthy of loving affection and they secretly hunger for sexual attention. These women have loosed the retrains of earlier years and now want to know what it would be like to fulfill the naughty and dark desires that have comprised their fantasies for so long. I have been corresponding with a wonderfully sexy woman who is 65 years old. She has shared her fantasies with me and has described in fine detail the kinds of sexual activity she longs to experience. I have agreed to meet her this weekend at an upscale hotel. We all know that the imaginings of the mind are often greater and more sensual and explicit than reality. Will she cancel out at the last minute or will she follow through? I believe she will be good to her word and regardless of what happens I have committed to be what she needs, whatever that is. If she decides she only needs male companionship and conversation, I will provide that. If she requires sexual favors, whatever they may be, I will give her the fantasies she has described so eloquently. Everyone deserves better than they get in this life and if I can spread a little joy - a little pleasure - and make an unforgettable memory for this or any woman, I will feel satisfied and fulfilled. If, as a sexy mature woman, you have not yet mustered the courage to pursue your fantasies - get out there. You will never be any younger and so pursue that "bucket list" while there is still time and energy enough to enjoy the journey.

please share what her fantasies are!

hop on baby the rocket is ready to launch.

I'd take you to the moon and back!!!! ;-)

i could use a mind blowing world rocking mind shaterring sex at the moment. and i'm up for it. hehe

hehehe!!!! *wink* I'll rock your world! ;-)

maybe we should give it a try Pix. lol

It seems to me that older women might be less inhibited in the bedroom than a younger woman...not sure since I've not been with one LOL!!! :-)