I try to not judge of looks BUT if it's just more of an eye candy kind of thing, I will look at sexy men then my mind wanders of course I feel like I should have been born a man I love sex so much. Talking about sexy men the lead singer of Bastille in the video for pompeii he runs into the arcade and the two sexy waitresses are there and he is looking..waiting for them to turn around the look on his face, his fist clenched omg I want to melt into my computer and just well **** him. He is so ******* hot in the moment and when he is punching the car....that is pretty hot too! Maybe its the tight jeans and the lean body and the hair omg the hair...ok I need to stop... and watch that video now.
Chicgeekgal Chicgeekgal
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014