Beer Belly Pride...LOL!

Just saw this today and I couldn't help but share.
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That is freaking hilarious

Was it the Liebovitz pic of Demi Moore that set this iconic pose?

These are such *classic* interpretations of that pose!

Oddly, I din't even *think* to look for "the package"... women have such filthy minds!

Very Nice, I am closest to the bearded fella. Nice to hear that some ladies us bigger guys.

Apparently, you need a beard or tat for admission to this club.

The one on the top left has neither of those. You thinking about joining the club?

This is going to sound really arrogant, but I think I have a bit more muscle and definition than those gentlemen.

I think they are intentionally sticking out their bellies more ;-). Ok, maybe my standards are different than most women, but I think the one with the tats is kinda hot.

Oh well.

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What the hell! Wheres their package?!

I should get my hubs to pose for me like this. He couldn't tuck his junk like that though. I think hubs is comparable to the bearded guy, but a little bigger.

Its really not funny when he's breathing heavy while just watching TV. But this light hearted view made me smile.

Not too healthy to be breathing heavy while sitting. I've dated bigger guys that didn't have that issue. Are you sure something else besides weight isn't wrong?

I think my husbands body can't handle the weight like that. And I believe the fat is putting pressure on his lungs. If its putting pressure on his lungs its putting pressure on other things. With his family history ive tried to tell him to get a work up with a cardiologist and he won't. I think he sees men much bigger than him and thinks he has nothing to worry about.

This made me laugh. Not the belly, but it's how their faces looked like. I felt weak just laughing.(;D)

and the penis' all tucked between their legs, being all loving like in those pregnant nude pictures..that is what gave me the giggles.

The beard guy's my favorite.

Aww...It's good they aren't suffering from, "body shame" but.........I sorta like the abs on the guy in the groups avatar a lil better....but that is just me...I totally support men and their love of their tummies no matter how they look!! :D

I actually am attracted to bigger guys. Just thought it was funny how they were nurturing their bellies.

Do you like my (non existent) abs? Hahahhaa

your tummy looks just fine!! :)

I think I'm in love with my tummy, or I'm over confident about it hehehe

Good for you in feeling confident....We ALL should feel that way with who we are and how we look!!

How do u feel about yours?

I love my lil tummy too!!

Nice then :)

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I need to drink more beer. :-p


I shall try again tonight. ;o)

Damn who took these pictures of me? Lol

how do i sign up to get photographed for this?

You could always make one yourself. You are quite the photographer. I dare you to add them to your albums.