Sexy... Sexy... Sexy!

I love sexy pictures, but this doesn't mean nude to me. I love to see a man in a nice pair of jeans and a button up shirt, or possibly posing in his boxer shorts.  I also think it is very sexy to see a man in bed, covered with a sheet from the waist down. Seeing the outline of how his butt curves is very sexy.  I love pictures of men's hands, weathered and strong.  All of these are very sexy to me, but the sexiest pictures I have ever seen are a man in uniform. I love how most men in uniform project that inner confidence. Now that is sexy to me.  You don't have to be nude to be sexy to me, not even close. I have a great imagination and sometimes that is sexier than any picture.

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Same here for a women too

Show me your pic i too like but only ur pics


You've hit the nail on the head!

You just described how I like to take pics

Then we would get along great. :)

if you want a sexy pic of me just send me a pic of u and i will send one of me

Sexy pictures triggers imagination, if you have some, it becomes very very sexy..

I love sexy pictures too and agree that they don't have to be all nude. Mostly I like pictures with women in them, it sounds like you more into men, but thats natural as you are a woman.

Message me :)

That is so true, sexy can be fully clothed.

:) Love the screen name Bella!