I was so bored one night i phoned my local escort agency and ordered a shemale a a gift for a long week st work....the doorbell rang about an hour later and stood infront of me wad tabitha...tall black sultry shemale with bright red lips and 7 inch heels...after a couple of drinks she uncrossed hes legs and i could just see the tip of a long black ****...i looked at her and winked and was desperate to have it in my mouth and ******* i put a hand on the tip and slowly went down on that big 10inch **** greedily swallowing as much as i could...her hand was pushing my head down and i almost gagged on the length...soon i felt her tighten up and then spurt after spirt of hot cumfilled my mouth...but i knew that wassnt the end....i had to have tabitha in my *** and she turned my over and rammed her big black **** deep inside me for about an hour and creamed inside me..ohhhhh it was heaven....later she gave me the most amazin bj ever where she swallowed my whole load...but ill tell you about that later xxxxxxx
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Love it

Ihave been with blackmen, but never a blk t girl. I hope I can find one

I would ride you like a horse in my 7" heels for free. Your story got me going. I like to be f- in the front with my legs behind my head. I love my heels in the air.

Wow Jaycee geat offer

I would have you too josycd. Too bad we dont live close to each other. I would wait for you to get dress in your sexy outfit, so you feel sexy. I would bend down in my heels and s-ck you off while you was standing. Then we would go to a club dress in dresses and heels. I would dry rub your D-ck in the club. After the club, i would s-ck your d-ck till it was hard, then ride you in a chair. I would even f-ck you hard.

I hope you can handle me. Im mixx Asian a ladyboy..its what they call us thai

mmmm soo nice

great story, you are so lucky

Lovely story, Hun! I'd love all that AND your **** between my 38D's:)

Love blk **** I had sex in the front seat of a car with a guy Had my legs up after he drop his hot load in me then gave me a BJ as his *** was dripping out of my *** beautiful feeling

Omg! Yum!

Really , looking forward to that next story... Mmmm make my **** hard Joncleland ... wish I could reach my mouth with my own **** - I 'd probably never leave the

It's amazing I can get the head of my **** in my mouth :)

Ohhhh that would have been heaven

I could only dream of that. Your so lucky

I had a shemale once and it was amazing! I would love to have her again!

Lucky you, I'd love it

yes **** me, **** Sarah

Suck my ****, I love your pictures. I wish I could play with you.

I wish you could see the naughty pictures of Sarah being a bad girl

What a great story - I am so hard.......... I need to finish myself off..........