Sexy Experiences Throughout My Childhood And Schooling Years

I used to go for swimming lessons from te age of 13-15 and whenever there I always search for hot babes and girls around my age to look at , it was a country club so urging swimming lessons the whole competition pool will be used (Olympic sized) and I had a swimming classmate named Freda , she was tall and matured really fast , had C -D cups and I had a clear view of her nipples poking through her swim aut everynow and than , she was really beautiful and I should say , model standard at least , during briefings on how many laps to do and stuff , (classes were seperated by lanes , there were 8lanes in total , 5-8 was for beginners who just learnt how to swim and the rest where individual lanes where the smaller the number the more advanced you were, not that you need to know any of this , I just wanted to help you visualise better) I would purposefully stand really close to her and sometimes rub my stuff on her , se didn't really noticed as I wasn't too rough and when we crowd around the edge of the pool , a lot of physical contact are made , On days that I am daring I would swim next to her during freestyle and 'accidentally' make a touch or two with her boobs , thy were squishy and the only thing between my hands and her boobs are her swimsuit , not very thin but obviously no paddings I side as I can see her nipples poke out from time to time , however I did accidentally get kick in the balls or crotch area by her when the class was told to do breaststroke (beginners know this as froggy style ) but it did not hurt. Cause te kick was slowed down by the water and staff I guess .
I remembered she wore a one piece swimming costume(the top part was like a singlet and te btm was the shape of a panty , basicly anyone who swims at pools knows this ) and sometimes her *** gets exposed from the side she gets up from the pool ,as the whenbu rush out sometimes ur swimsuit get folded in a way

The following parts are from when I was in middle school in pe class in sch , we played something similar to musical chair but with benches , and a girl named jennifer quite pretty but not tall and is kind of chubby in a cute way , accidentally say on me instead , we were wearing our pe uniform ,school regulation states no underwear allowed (for hyguine purposes or something) inside of the pantswas a little netting to so called replace the underwear i guess ,the pants was made of this soft fabric like material as so whenever a guy has a ***** it will be visible , and as she sat on me , (really high up so her butt was on my crotch area) I could feel both her *** cheeks clearly (she ha a nice *** , beig chubby and all ) and I started getting a ***** , she could feel it but did not come off until the next music was played , the teacher was busy eleminating a few students who he saw got on last so we sat like that for about 20-30 seconds , and boy did I enjoy it .

And another time we had our physical fitness test during grade 9 during gym class , our teacher would set up a station (the test consist of 6 parts in total , pull up , push up , sit ups , and etc) while all of us sat at the stair like Sits for spectators to watch a basket ball match , while we waited for our ten to do the test , we were doing pull ups(only guys were required to do it although girls could try ) so what we did was we queued up in a line in 5 following our register numbers , and when it was my turn , my friends decided to pants me , I was hanging on the pull up bar (like I said b4 sch policy no underwear only pe shorts) and they ran away with my pants so I was left hanging tere with a full erection (about 6.5 inches) and the whole class had a view of my penis and I had hair growing down there , it was really embarrassing but I had to admit I kind of enjoyed it as some girls were staring .

Sometimes b4 pe class we had to gather sitted In two rows , boys and girls , so I would spend that time chatting with who ever is around me , and of cos from time to time I would get a peek from a girl's shorts (as some of them were sitting butts on the ground and legs about 45 degrees turn feet flat to te ground ) thx to the sch policy on no underwear only shorts during pe , I enjoyed a view or two from time to time , sometimes I could see pubes and sometimes when I'm luky , and when conditions of sitting position of the girl allows me , I could see their u know whats

Another time right after school a bunch of friends and I went to a macdonald near our school , we bought our meals and sat down , we proceeded to eat as a bunch of girls from our school (did not know them well as they are from a different friends know them though) so one of my friend decided to pull a prank on a girl whom I think is named Sheila Or was it Regina (can't remember her name well)
and so as she was about to sit down , my friend pulle her chair away and she fell to the ground , her skirt landed on her stomach area so we had a total ******* , we could see her lying on tr floor in light blue panties , she came up after about 5 seconds and seemed pretty embarrassed and frustrated at the same time
Another time during a school adventure camp( an outdoor camp at a outdoor activity camp at a some what forest area , basicly it's not really camping , there were small little domes for the whole of our grade 9 to sleep in (there were a lot of domes of cause , I mean how could an entire level fit into one dome?)) the adventure camp lasted fr 3 days 2 nights , so we had to pack clothes to change into and utensils to eat with and that kind of stuff . During the first night two guy friends and I tot of being peeping toms at the girl's bathroom as they showered , there were walls about 2.5 metres tall and a root at about 3 metres up so that leaves us with a great 50 cm to sneak a peek at , we needed some way to hide ourselves while peeking so we first went into the boy's bathroom to look for hiding spots as both bathrooms were indentical and next to each other , we found out that the pyramid shaped roof was hollow and had tiny gaps so it was like
| | | | |
(| was te actual roof as te spaces were holes in the roofs , it was a design for ventilation purpose I suppose ) and we could get up there by climbing , but we would be spotted if we climbed up there now as u know , the many number of girls are in there showering , so we decided to do it on te 2nd day instead . We climbed up to the roof area at about 6pm as 6.20 was dismissal for showering , and after one of the most enjoyable wait of my life (knowing that I can see many hot girls from nt just my class but also other classes of my grade , shower together , I was pretty much not minding having to wait , even if it took hours and hours )
And at 620 there they were strolling in chatting , joking around , a lot of girls came walking in , there were two showering areas , it was in the shap of a hexagon about 6-7 metres long and also there were toilets (but I was more interested I watching them bath rather than take a **** ) and one by one they started stripping , my two buddies and I were smiling to one another and I during the process as we get to enjoy real life nudity from girls , we had an hour to watch them .

Another incident occurred at pe yet again , our teacher allowed us to split up to play either football basketball or batminton , so afew of my friends (guys and girls of course , but mainly guys as there were only 3 girls ) graves a basket ball ad we went to play , during the match about half way through , the ball was thrown up high to the centre of the court because of a desperate attemp by one of my teammate to cover a whole lot of ground as we were losing badly , about 5 of us ran to the middle to grab it , amongst us was jennifer (you remember Jennifer right? The one whom sat on me during musical chairs) I tripped and bumped into Jennifer head on into her chest area so in other words I head butted her boobs , and we both fell down , we stared at each other for awhile before she asked me whether I was okay , I wanted to ask her but she managed to asked first ,I was really surprised , I mean I after all head butted her , so if anyone's hurt it's her

Yea I know this post is really long , I have a lot of other smal incidents , whether planned or not , but for now I would just leave you folks with this

And sorry about my typos here and there. Hard to type from a phone , and also I du give a dam about my lousy grammar , so shut up and enjoy the story , if you are reading this part I'm guessing you already enjoyed my story so , I guess I should say, thx for reading through .
And yes I was a big pervert in my schooling and teen years , but ive never commit anything like rape ad never will , and if you are calling me a pervert , too shay to you as you too are for reading this
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I will respond in more detai later, I am sure, But I wanted to make a comment on how innocent these stories were. These are the stories I would expect to see for someone at this age. The one's I read elsewhere are full of things that, atleast, in my world, did not happen and if they did, someone got the hell beat out of them and possibly sent to jail. I loved your stories.. perhaps I will share one with you someday.