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My Body Betrayed Me.

We were sitting on the couch, watching a movie and cuddling. The movie was pretty good, but I was distracted because he was so close to me. This was the first time we’d been alone and I was so nervous! What if he didn’t like me? Would he be here if he didn’t? We had known each other for a long time but this was our first official date.
We reached a part of the movie where a woman ******** for a man; I could feel him move in his seat. I could just imagine what he was thinking, his **** growing hard watching the woman on television bounce her *** and boobs. At one point, she was on all fours and her *** high in the air, the man in the movie took the opportunity to grab her hips and pull her ***** back on his face and I felt him shift again. It was all I could do to sit still, I was so wet and my **** was so sensitive that my panties rubbing it made me want to scream.
Still, we reached the end of the scene and then end of the movie and he had not made a move. We had barely spoken. His arm was around me and I thought he was having a good time but I couldn’t really understand why he hadn’t even kissed me. When the movie went off, he turned it off using the remote and looked down at me and smiled, “Well, that was an interesting movie for a first date.” I laughed and smiled up at him. His eyes were so blue they almost glowed. His dark brown hair and tanned skin, he was just so handsome. We looked at each other for a minute before he leaned down and gently kissed me on the lips, no tongue but one of those kisses where it is really more like 3 or 4 kisses in one but they all come together to be one awesomely passionate kiss. His hands cupped my face as we kissed and I could feel my body unconsciously moving closer to him, molding against him. We set there for a moment, just enjoying being near each other; my hand resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. After a few minutes, he whispered that he had to go.
With a slight groan, we got up and I walked him to the door. Kissing again before he stepped out the door. I shut the door behind him and leaned back against it with a sigh. I waited for a minute, smiled slightly and began to walk up stairs to my bath. I could hear his car start and sighed again thinking what might have been. I went into the bathroom and started to draw a bath; made sure the water was right and ran to the bedroom to get my robe. I undressed in my bedroom, taking off my jeans and shirt and then removing my bra and panties. I couldn't hear the water running in the tub as I begin to walk back to the bathroom, grabbing my slightly adult drink and robe as I go.
As I stepped out of the bedroom door, a hand covered my mouth and I was pushed back into my bedroom. I screamed as loud as I could and fought against him but I couldn’t get loose. He was behind me now, his hand wrapped around and over my mouth and one under my arm. My thoughts were going crazy, I had never been so scared in my life. I fought against him but he was so big, I couldn’t get lose. I could feel the tears on my cheeks as he threw me on the bed on my stomach. My mind was racing, what could I use as a weapon, who is he, and what is he going to do to me? I could feel him on the bed with me, one of his legs between my legs as he held me down with one hand and unbuttoned his pants with the other. I tried to fight, to knock him off balance but there was no use. His was so heavy I could barely breath, it felt like his whole weight was on top of me. I felt him move higher between my legs, spreading them with his leg and began to fight more, frantically trying to stop him from doing what he was about to do. I cried when I heard him laugh and lean to whisper in my ear, “I’m going to **** you.” His voice was so deep, so uncaring that I caught my breath. I felt him shift his weight again and his hands pull my hips up. I tried to fight again but in one big shove he was inside me. I could feel his balls slapping against me, as he ****** me. Holding my head down, his arms blocking my hands from reaching him as he shoved his **** deeper. Before I realized he had me raised so far in the air I was almost doubled over, he was still ******* me, his **** was big..bigger than any I had had before. It hurt so bad I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t breathe. After a few minutes he slowed down, not thrusting quite as hard, he began moving in circle, almost gentle. I was throbbing but it was slowly letting up. He was still holding me down, moving inside me as he moved my legs, letting me slide down onto my stomach. I moaned, not from pleasure but from relief..I could breath again and he wasn’t being quite as rough now. I closed my eyes as he continued to ravish my body, I tried to think of good things, anything other than what was happening right now..anything other than my total helplessness. He ran his hands up my back, I expected him to pull my hair or jerk me but he didn’t, he traced my back, over my shoulder and ran his hand gently down my side all while he was still moving inside me. I felt him lift one side of me up as his hand moved to the front, tracing my breast and around my nipples. I gasped in surprise and my nipple immediately got hard. I could feel him inside me still, gently moving inside me, slowly pulling out and then back in. He kept teasing my breast and after a few minutes I was ashamed to find my body was reacting to it. I could feel the passion start to grow and it made me angry, so again I started to fight him. He laughed at me again and shoved himself deeper.. faster.. harder.. I screamed as he bent me to where he could play with my breast and still ride me. His hands were all over me, pinching and teasing my breast as he kept ******* me..he was grunting and sweating and I thought for sure he would be done soon.
Again, he slowed down. He started being gentler and kept teasing my nipples as he rolled me onto my side, him behind me. He whispered in my ear again, “do you like feeling my **** inside you?” I didn’t answer at first, I was afraid I’d make him angry and he would get rough again. His voice got louder and he stopped moving inside me, “I said, Do you like feeling my **** inside you?” I wanted to tell him whatever it was he wanted to hear so I told him yes. “Yes, what?” “Yes, I like feeling you inside me.”
I could feel his **** pulsate inside me, growing harder again. “Do you want me to **** you?” Again, I didn’t answer. I could tell he smiled slightly and made his **** move inside me, he wasn’t moving, he just made it move. His hands began to tease my breast again. He pulled me back enough that he could reach my breast and began to flick it with his tongue. I was so angry at myself, it felt good! I couldn’t believe it, this man was taking me against my will and my body was betraying me. Again I felt his **** pulsate as he began to suck on my nipples, flicking it all the while. It was hard to breath, and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, my heart was racing as this man sucked on my breast and rest his **** inside me. He ran his fingers down my stomach, making me jerk in surprise. His hand moved down tracing my hip and then to the inside of my leg. I began to squirm as he got closer to my womanhood. I felt his breath on me then he began to suckle my nipple harder as his hand found my ****, Rubbing it, gently first and then speeding up. My body jerked again as my body continued to betray me. He still was not moving inside me, I could feel him pulsate, I could feel him becoming more turned on but he wasn’t ******* me. He continued to suck on my breast, and rub my **** until my hips were rising to meet his hand. He then turned me onto my back, raising up between my legs and looking in my face. IT WAS HIM!! It was my date! Why was he doing this? Didn’t he know he didn’t have to do this? As I began to speak he covered my mouth again, smiling as he pushed himself inside me again. I started to fight him and he held my arms down and closed his eyes, moving inside me and then moving his face down to tease my breast again. I closed my eyes to collect my thoughts as I felt his hands letting go of me, he pulled my breast together and began to suck on both nipples. My body jumped, as I heard a voice gasp, “Oh my god.”, It was my voice! His tongue teased them until I couldn’t stand it. I moaned outloud and began to buck my hips. I could feel my **** growing more sensitive as he continued to suck and tease my nipples. His **** was pulsating inside me, not moving. I tried to push at his arms but it was no use, he was so big and it felt so good, the pushing became nothing more than show, and I think he knew it. I began to wiggle below him, moving, wanting his **** to move inside me, wanting to feel him moving inside me, but he didn’t. He continued to tease my breast and after a few minutes, he pulled away. I was so confused. He then kissed my stomach, ran his tongue around my belly button and then moved lower. When his tongue touched my **** I raised us both into the air. He then began to suck on it and run his fingers along my ***** lips, pressing one, then two fingers inside me as he licked and sucked on my *****. My hand found his head as my hips pushed up to meet him. I looked down at him, his gorgeous blue eyes. His tongue flicking my **** as I watched, his fingers moving in and out. I stopped for a moment, looking at his hand, blood.. there is blood on his fingers. He kept sucking on my **** and fingering me as I noticed blood smeared on my thighs, blood he had caused earlier. He had my blood on his hand, he was licking me, licking it. Just as the thought fully formed a wave of pleasure went through my body, I moaned loudly as he continued to finger **** me and suck on my ****. I covered his hand with my ***.
He got to his knees between my legs and again, before I could say anything, his **** was completely inside me. He wasn’t being rough this time, he was gentle. He was laying on top of me, gently kissing me as he moved his hips, pushing his **** in and out of me. He kissed my lips, my neck, lightly sucked on my neck as his **** continued to go deeper.. over and over. I could feel him pulsate inside me and I knew it was almost time and I closed my eyes waiting for it.. I heard him whisper in my ear. “May I?”
I was confused; did he just ask if he could *** inside me? In a slightly louder yet raspy voice, “May I?” I didn’t answer, I didn’t know what to say. He stopped moving his hips for a few minutes, still sucking on my breast and kissing me. I could feel his hard **** pulsate inside me, I knew he was ready to finish but he was waiting for me to tell me he could. Again he began to move, still sucking my breast but this time he wasn’t pushing inside me all the way. It was the head, only the head. He wasn’t entering me, just pushing the head of his **** slightly inside. He continued to do this for awhile, playing with my breast, breathing in my ear until I couldn’t take it anymore.. I begged him to give it to me. “Please, give it to me. I want it. “ In a low voice, he asked me, “What do you want?” I groaned as he continued to tease me with the head of his ****. “*** inside me, please, give it to me and *** inside me.” He pushed deep, kissing me deeply as he moved inside me, fast and hard but it wasn’t painful, only pleasure. I felt him stiffin and groan as he filled me with his ***, I felt my body begin to jerk as I joined him.
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good story

What was the movie?

This story is fictional.. Sorry lol

My GOD you know how to turn us men on don't you? Wow

Wow, what a great story.

OMG, as i'm stroking my rock hard ****!!

Plz write more! I'm ************ right now!!