Why Do I Take Pleasure In This?

Although I am a man, I no longer wear 'boring' men's pants.

Instead, I wear women's knickers (or panties as you like to call them in the US).

My love of women's underwear began, as far as I can tell, when I was about 11.  I had a lot of painful ear infections and this sometimes involved me being comforted by being allowed to sleep in my parents' bed.  

My mother always used to wear a slip to sleep in - and I suppose the feeling of comfort when snuggled in with her was even nicer than I thought at the time.

In my early teens my sisters and I (I grew up with 3 sisters) did a family 'play' at Christmas time - and for some reason this involved me being dressed as a ballerina.  I cannot remember any more detail, but I do recall being very drawn to the silkiness of the satin bodice.

As I reached puberty, I began to 'borrow' underwear - first from my mother and then from my sisters.

I began to sleep in a 'nightie' I made out of one of my sister's half slips with ribbon straps that I attached to it.  But then one night I went to the loo wearing this, and my mother banged on the door to say that she was desperate to use the toilet.

I eventually managed to hide my secret clothes and had to go back to bed, past my mother, wearing nothing at all.

Years later, my mother found a stash of girl's stuff in my room and actually asked me if I would like her to buy me a proper nightie.  I was so embarrassed I said no - but now I wish I had said yes and been more 'upfront' about my needs.

I love to wear silky things - but have to restrict myself to plain knickers because my wife hates what I do.

How I came to admit my secret to her is another long story - and one I will have to post another time.

PaulaWilliams PaulaWilliams
51-55, M
Feb 20, 2009