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The Sexiest Words In The World (And A Challenge)

I love words. Though really, by now, that statement should not come as a great surprise to anyone here. I may have mentioned, in passing, how I feel about these units of language a time or two ... or ten. In any regard, I honestly do have a deep and abiding affection for them.

I adore how words can be manipulated and moulded like clay to form sentences and stories that are beautiful, priceless works of art. I am enthralled when I discover new words, especially those previously un-known gems who definitions so perfectly describe something interesting, important or relevant to me. To that end whenever I make a new and exhilarating find I've posted it here, on EP, wanting to share my delight with similarly minded linguaphiles.

To my extreme delight it turns out my fellow impish sprite shares this particular affinity, especially if the word in question is useful in articulating things of a flirting or sensual nature. This week alone the two of us have discovered and shared such precious finds as: Apodyopsis, Basorexia, and lets not forget Odaxelagnia! Oh my, I am still fanning my self over that last one and some of the comments posted regarding it. However, while their meanings are quite provocative, the words themselves leave something to be desired.

Therefore, my "little grey cells" began to wonder: What makes a word "sexy" and just how many "sensual" words are there? I'm referring to the types of words that when combined with just the right touch can evoke a response within us, be it of a physical or emotional nature and can arouse us.  Words that we can use to create a sentence or story that makes your body want to curl in on its self, that causes uncontrollable shivers and goosebumps, perhaps even the occasional gasp or moan. Tools that If wielded in an especially adapt manner might even cause one to bite their bottom lip

So, now intrigued and consumed by the thought I consulted "The Google", typing "sexy words" in the search field and found this rather lengthy list of what are apparently the sexiest words in the English language. (If you don't have hours to spend reading it all just skip to the bottom for the challenge.) Presenting the 100 sexiest words:

ablaze adventurous afterglow alive allure astonished ambiance ample animal animated anxious artistic attain aural awaken bed bite blazing blend blithe blowing bosom breezy bronze brooding bulge bursting calm capricious caring carouse ceaseless chasm cherish cherubic chiseled course compatible constant content contortion covert cram crazy dancing dangerous daring decadent decent delicate demure desire diffident dreamy drowsy dwell eager earthy easily ecstatic effusive electrify enfold enigma enrich erotic eternal ethereal evocative evoke expose exuberance eyelash fabric facile familiar fantasy fascinate fathom feathery feisty feline fickle fidgety figment finesse fleshy flirt florid fluid foamy frenetic frisky frontal furtive fury fuse gait gallant gap gentle glad glimmer glitter gloomy glorify glorious gorgeous great greedy groan groin grope guarded guide gush habit hair haven hazy headstrong heady heart heavy hidden hiding hollow hope hug humid hunger husky hysterical icy idealistic illuminate illusion image imagination immense impish impulse incendiary incite indecent in-depth indiscreet infinite inflame inflate infuse inhibit innocent insistent intense interpersonal interval intimate intoxicate irascible itch ivory jam, jaunty jealous jiggle jubilant juicy jut keep kind kindle kinky lacy languid large laugh layer laze leak lightly like limber linger lingering lipstick liquefy liquid listen livid lonely loose love lovely lubricate lucky lust luster macabre mad magnetize maintain majestic marital masterful maze meadow memory mere merge mesmerize miracle mirage mirror moderate modest moisture moment moon motivate mutual mystify mythical naked natural nerves niche nude nurse nurture nymph odor oily ooze opalescent opiate oral organ overcome pace pacify pale palm partake passionate pause peek penchant perceptive persuade pet petal petulant pillow pique please pliant plunge plush poke polish pout pretty private probe provocative provoke quake quality qualm quantity quiver radiate rare rave ravish real realize rebel recline redolent refreshing relax release reluctant renew replete repose ride rise rock roll romantic rosy rowdy ruffle satiate satisfy saturate saucy savage scamp scanty scent scheme scintillate scorching secluded scream selective sensational sense sensuality sensuous sentimental serious sexual sexy shadow shady shallow share sheer shell shoot show shy sight silhouette silky silvery simulate sincere sinewy skimpy sky sleepy slender slide slim sly slow slowly smolder smooth sober sopping sordid soul sparkle spicy spiritual spill springy squirt star stare starlight starry startle stay steal steamy stiffen stimulate sting stare stormy straddle straight ***** strive stroke stun subconscious sublimate submerse submit succulent suffer sulky sultry sumptuous sun surf surge surreal surreptitious surrogate svelte swap sweet sweetheart swell swept swim tame tan tangy tantalize taper taste tawdry tear tell tenacity tender tense thrill throes tight tingle titillate tongue touch true trustful tumultuous unbelievable understand undulate unfamiliar vacant vacuous vain valley value vapid vaporous variant variety vast veil velvet venal venture verve vibrate violate virginal virtue virtuous virulent vicious vision vivacious vocal volcano wake wanton watery wet whimper whisper wild wind winter wistful worthy writhe x-rated yacht yearn yield zany zealous zest zone

I was surprised, pleasantly so in fact, to discover so many lovely words - especially as my poor cerebellum had only been able to recall a hand full. Then the possibilities begin to emerge for me, wonderfully sensual and provocative sentences began to form themselves at random. Thus spawning me to create this new group and a challenge for those of you with equally delicious and titillating minds. So for you, my fellow cunning linguists and master baiters (Thanks to another dear friend for those two phrases), I present this challenge.

The Challenge: In the comments below create a 15 word story to excite and arouse the senses using as many of the words from the above list as possible. You may of course use connectors and descriptors such as she, he, her, him, etc., also body parts as necessary but try to stick to the word limit and the vocabulary provided.

One final thing: Please, keep it sexy, sultry, and intelligent. No crude humor or anything too obvious (and let's try to avoid the tendency to write a trashy romance novel or **** as some have). Try to be unique and creative. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go try and find that damned halo!


P.S. - I created a new group especially for this category of words. If you find some new ones or if this list inspires you in some manner or you want to write a phrase or story that's longer than 15 words please feel free to post a story. 
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 19 Responses Jan 29, 2013

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I like velvet.. seems a nice look and texture.. the visual and tactile.

fantastic have gift..

Thank you very much.



De rien, cara mia! a word that has always intrigued me.There are lovely phrases and idioms, as you have quite rightly said, manipulated well that only adds to the beauty of the written and spoken word

I could not agree more. :-)

It's not the words that excite, it's how they're used, who says them, and why.

You might perhaps be right dear PP, the same words said by different people do not always excite the same reaction. :-)

*blows kisses*

Ample bosoms...Innocent thrills... hhaaazzy values... earthy lussstinesss... blending infinitely lonely modesty...wildly wanton majesty.

Hmmm ... interesting combinations ...

Chiche! I want to take that challenge. You cerebellum works in wonderful ways!

I await the result of your accepting the challenge! :-)

Hey ... Did you ever complete this challenge?

I forgot to complete it...oh dear! ...I must. Allow me a few days and I will share with you my take on it..
Thank you for reminding me.

Slacker! Kidding. Lol ;-)

I actually forgot as well until just was reminded of this story.

Pfewwwwwww does that mean I will avoid being sent in detention?

Hey! I just realized, you never did complete the challenge! Now it's truly detention for you!

I do have actually something to post on this...where is the group dedicated to the responses for this list of words dear Teacher?

You can either post it as a story in this particular group or simply as a response to this particular story dear Student.

*giggles* ... Yes dear.

Hi Hon. Ihave posted my first submission in this group...title...Rode to perdition.

Made a note, will read as soon as I get home!!!

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He tantalized her imagination with heady romantic phrases that intimated romantic pleasures of the most sensuous sort

Very nice sentence. I especially like how he "tantalized her imagination". Thank you for participating! :-)

Thank you for inviting me! I cannot resist a good word challenge :)

I adore words and word challenges, obviously, haha. Feel free to come back and participate as many times as you like.

Used 13 this time. Getting better ;-)

Scent intoxicating, his masterful tongue probed, tasting, eagerly pleasing. Her nakedness quivered radiating glorious release.


I rather like the "radiating glorious release part". ;-)

I kind of like that


Great minds think alike!

He whispers savage desires in a sultry tongue, enticing, teasing, and daring, exposing erotic fantasy.

I used 11. This was fun. I love a challenge. I'm going to have to come back and try it again.

I am going to either join or create a group....just because of this......

I'm curious of your group idea :-). This was a fun challenge. I saved the words in word to work on some

I think your sentence may possibly be my favorite one to date, very well done. Thank you for participating. Please, do come back and try again.

Goliathtree: Why not just join this group and accept the challenge?

I was being a smartass to affy...and I joined a group....I will read your entire story and consider


Haha, okay, understood.

LOL, I'm such a ditz that I didn't realize you were not serious. I should know you better by now.

no....I really joined a group right after I commented....and even wrote a story! lol

I'll go check it out. :-)

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I like this one, very much. Thank you for sharing it.

I feel like I could have done better.

Then write another one, silly.

Maybe I will!

*laughing* DO IT!!!

What is more important, number of words used or quality of writing?

Quality of writing, hands down. Use as many or as little words as you like. :-)

Now THAT is a challenge I accept...

*smiling* Good.

Layne is a cherished friend, whom I know VERY well and I'd ask that you kindly refrain from bad mouthing him on my stories, or else I will be forced to delete your comments and block you, something I NEVER do. He has been nothing but kind, honest, genuine, sincere, sweet and understanding to me. This is EP, and we are all grown ups here, he is allowed to "play" with whom ever he likes, and I'm not interested in that type of play anyways. All you are doing is making yourself look like the jealous one and a catty person at that. Back off.

I'm neither poor nor naive. I understand perfectly the situation, both his, mine and what happened between him and others, I've refrained from becoming involved because quite frankly it was none of my business and was not my place, but now your dragging me into it.

I said it before and I will say it again, I suggest you back the hell off. Go spew your venom elsewhere. I am not interested.

Layne is my very cherished friend and I will not stand for his being maligned in my prescience. I'm quite certain you have others with whom you can childishly ***** about what a horrible person you think he is. The fact that he is being so humble and just taking everything you and other are throwing at him only serves to re-enforce my opinion of his character.

He is quite human, fallible an imperfect like the rest of us, he made mistakes, several of them, some quite serious. I am of the school of thought that "he who is without sin should cast the first stone" and that we should "forgive those who sin against us that we to may be forgiven".

I ask you, what is the point in holding on to and focusing on hate, or trying to convince others to join you in your quest. It must be tiring to live like that, I certainly could not do it.

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Sent by a friend:

The moisture of my nymph lingers,her scent overcoming my virtue, whispering wanton erotic promises.

I LIKE the way her LOVELY LIPSTICK was still LIGHTLY LINGERING after our LUSTy kiss.

You've employed some very lovely alliteration with the letter L. Merci mon ami.

astonished by the fleshy bulge; unfamiliar and fascinated with erotic desire; the electrified bronze quivered. 15 on the dot. 10 given words + 5 connectors


Very well done, bravo sir! Now I'm going to have to come up with a prize ....

I crave the sensual essence of her orgasmic desires that capture and bind my soul.

*smiling* this one is even better (plus its 15 words)

I indulged in her velvety fluids from her orgasmic folds of sensuous desire.

Oh my ... Very well done, very well indeed!

Ooh ... Though not quite 15 words, but still a good line. :-)

I lick her and taste her lingering juice, from her lustful folds of climactic desire.

Umm ... Can somebody please open a window?!

I savor her sensual treat that feeds my erotic passions, dripping with her sweet nectar.

I knew you would be good at this. ;-)

Thank you. ;)

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I have a constant desire for the refreshing odor of smoldering animal organs and hunger for the velvet fluid that is slowly oozing out

Hmmm ... longer than 15 words and a little less ... "sexy" then I was hoping for. Makes me want to eat a steak though!

May I TASTE the THRILL of your TONGUE TOUCHing mine, as I TAME the TENACITY of my TOUCH.

Oooh ... nice sentence and good choice of words (*nictates*), but you're over the 15 word limit. Please try again.


I like this one better!

I accept the challenge however, may need a day to do it.

I'll be waiting with baited breath!

Just don't go in the water with that, you never know what you'll catch.

*in a lady like manner sticks out her tongue at you*

Ummmm... I know... a frog... right?

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