To The Man Who Taught Me All About Love

I can honestly say that William Shakespeare may be one of the first men outside my family that I have ever loved. What caused my ardor you ask? As You Like It - I saw it for the first time with an uncle a few years ago and again tonight. As far as plays go, this may as well be a handbook for hopeless romantics everywhere!!! I challenge you to watch this play and not feel the fever, the fire and the sheer fervor of true love burning away in your breast. I challenge you to not hunger beyond all reason to feel a truly deep love as the characters themselves do display. I've felt romance novels, romantic comedies but never anything quite as deep as this. I do freely confess to loving this play to the point where I want a daughter by the name of Rosalind of my own flesh and blood.

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Perhaps some of the greatest literary lines ever uttered have come from "As you like it." I'm thinking of the the monologue from Jacques, "All the world's a stage .. .," which speaks of seven stages of man.<br />
<br />
For romance and love, same play. Your Rosalind: <br />
<br />
No jewel is like Rosalind.<br />
Her worth being carried in the wind,<br />
Through all the world bears Rosalind.<br />
All the pictures fairest lined<br />
Are but black to Rosalind.<br />
Let no fair be kept in mind<br />
But the fair of Rosalind.

True that! Bardolatry some have called it, Bernard Shaw, to be precise.<br />
I personally cannot have enough of Shakespeare, and the play, As You Like It, is <br />
a tremendous mixture of mirth and profound seriousness!<br />
<br />
It is an utterly sad thing that many do not know how to love, many are overtaken by emotional and hyper-active lust - these same need Rosalind to cure them.