It's premise is that there are enormous starships orbiting around earth, and that some are in high space (between earth and a short distance past the moon), while others are in deep space possibly millions of miles from earth.
John Lenard Walson created an apparatus for his "TELESCOPE" that enabled him to find and film them, and, along with Mr Escamilla has been filming these enormous 'starships' in space. The film also claims that the documentation/evidence has garnered acclaim by certain scientists at NASA and Cambridge University. 
This film attempts to reveal them for the first time, and prove the reality of their existence.


THE FLOW OF PERCEPTIONS : Global, Military, New World Order

THE UNKNOWN MOMENT : UFO, Crop Circles, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Science

THE WORLD GARDEN PARTY : Sustainable Living, Wild Food, Survival

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1 Response Apr 30, 2012

That's some film I have definitely never seen before! If this is legit, WOW.I wonder what they're doing out there. Waiting to destroy us or waiting for our demise so they can consume us! I'm not implying it's real or fake. I Don't Ever Doubt Anything, I research everything in hopes of finding all the answers to my questions as well as check for validity! <br />
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Around 6 years ago I was driving home on 301/441 just north of Ocala Florida, at approx 11:30 pm. Driving past a big fancy white brick entrance fence and iron gate approx 8ft high by 70 ft long with large decorative lights at both sides of driveway, located in front of someones acreage I saw a big structure that looked very much like the vessel at 3-3:34 minutes in film floating approx 100ft above ground. I slowed down and did not take my eyes off of it. It didn't move as far as I could see as I drove past it. It had lights on the bottom pointing down as if it was mirroring the lights on the fence. At first sight I thought it may have been some kind of aircraft.<br />
<br />
I am 100% certain of what I saw! But it was late and I had been driving all day so I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I thought about stopping and getting a better look but I felt I had better get home considering I had to get up and drive all day again in 5 hours. I regret not stopping!!!!