Kind Of Naughty Beauty School Student

I use to go to a junior college in the late 70's/esarly 80's that had a cosmotology school. it just happened to be close to my english and trig classrooms.
they would get out the same time as I did on most days and I would watch as the students would leave the room with thier hair freshly done or alot of the girls would leave with thier hair in rollers which I loved. One day as I was leaving and watching them go to thier cars I saw one of the guys going to his car with his hair in rollers. He had long hair and the rollers were the magnetic type, mostly red, blue and yellow. I got very excited and watched intentlt as he drove away.
After that I would watch to see when he came out so I could get a chance to speak to him. As luck would have it, that friday he came out with his hair all rolled up and started to walk to his car. I walked up to him as he was getting in and started to talk to him. I really did not know how to start but I told him I liked his roller set. He said thank you and asked if I had ever worn rollers. I told him yes and briefly told him my childhood tale of my mother's shampoo and setting saturdays mornigs.
He and I talked out there for about an hour when he asked me if I would let him set my hair for his school practice. I excitedly said yes and followwd him to his apartment. When we came in I noticed alot of wigs and make up cases on the table. He told me he liked to "dress for the weekend". He had me follow him to the bedroom where he had be change into a robe. He then had me come out to the kitchen sink where he had a few bottles sitting out. a few shampoos, conditioners and setting lotions.
e turned on the water and checked it periodically for the right temp. He asked if I was ready and I stepped up to the sink an leaned forward as he wrapped a towel around my shoulders and began to wet my hair. when I was saturated he turned off the water and picked up one of the bottles of shampoo and poured some on my hair and in his hands. He began to lather me up very slowly and softly. he had me sit up with a towel for my face and continued to shampoo my hair. He was still in rollers from school so that made the experience much more exciting. He had me bend over to rinse the first shampoo, I could feel him push up against me as he rinsed. He then applied a second shampoo and latherd me up again. Sat me up and asked me if I liked it. I told him very much. He said I can't wait to set you up and leaned forward an kissed me on the cheek.
He leaned me forward again and rinsed me and applied the creme rinse and then the setting lotion. He warped a new dry towel around my shoulders and at me in a kitchen chair and took our his roller tray. He combed and sectioned my hair and began to comb up sections to roll up. He took his time and rolled each roller in smooth and tight.When he was finished I was sad but could not wait to see what he had done as I walked to the bathroom mirror to see my headful of curlers. He came in and asked "what do you think?" I told him I loved it and looked into his eyes. he came closer and I could not resist and kissed him. It became a longer more passionate kiss as it went on...... We stayed in rollers until the morning.
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Great story. Did you keep the relationship?

it was great, my first bi experience. i feel so sexy in rollers