Shaolin Kung Fu: Martial Art Beyond Description

How does one gauge a martial art? Is it gauged by its popularity or by the number of schools in the town that boast of teaching the authentic skill? Or perhaps by the fees that are charged by the school to teach this particular martial art over another that is cheaper to learn?

Shaolin Kung Fu took my breath away when I first saw it being practiced by two great exponents of the art. The poise and the restrained power that was evident in every move, the calm and peace that was evident on both the opponents’ faces, the almost feline agility and the strength in each punch totally floored me and got me to find more.

Shaolin Kung Fu was the one first of the institutionalized martial arts that was developed and refined in the Shaolin Temple to protect the monastery from raids of bandits which were common in those days. In fact after years of development and perfecting the art and skill of Shaolin Kung Fu, it became an integral part of the life in the monastery and all monks of the Shaolin monastery had to learn and practice this martial arts form.

In recent times, Shaolin Kung Fu owes its fame and popularity to various Hollywood films that were based on this form of martial art. Shaolin India also made its first appearance in the country in the 1970s and 1980s when some Kung Fu aficionados went to learn the art in the Shaolin temple itself. Slowly as the martial art form became known Shaolin India became not only popular but also the preferred martial art form here.

‘Shaolin India’ has become the preferred keyword to get the correct information about the happenings in the field in India and the address and location of the nearest Shaolin Kung Fu School so that at least some family members can learn the rudiments of the art. It has also become necessary to find that the Shaolin Kung Fu School in the vicinity is authentic.

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Sep 25, 2012